Michel Cleis at Tipic. Formentera!

Tipic. Formentera hosts another interesting event!

August 20th will play Michel Cleis.

As we already wrote, Michel Cleis is one of the most refined dj and producer in the international scene: he has played several times at Destino with Luciano and still scored brilliant results.

If you are in Formentera , don’t miss this event: we heard many times Michel Cleis  in Ibiza, and he’s synonymous of elegant music. the line up is completed by Roberto Navarro & Aurea.

Here you have the official poster! The event has our   media partnership.

Ready for Formentera by night?



Tipic. Formentera presents: Joseph Capriati!

Tipic. Tuesdays, the cult party of Formentera, after Ellen Allien, Michel Cleis, Ralf presents another great event: next August 16th will play Joseph Capriati.

Capriati, despite the young age, is one of the most influent dj in the global techno scene, and is living an excellent season in Ibiza at Paradise.

This is the official poster!

Save the date, because of this party is unmissable.


Cocoon Formentera at Tipic. presents: Carl Craig & Victor Santana!

Cocoon Formentera is back at Tipic.

This week the guest will be  the godfather of Detroit Techno, Carl Craig, an artist that we heard and appreciated several times.

The line up is completed by Victor Santana.

Santana. Save the date, the appointment is Thursday, August 11th, and stay tuned, because of Cocoon Formentera has many surprises in store…

Here you have the official poster, see you there! Ready for Formentera by night?


Tipic. Formentera presents: Tale of us!

Today we move to Formentera, where Tipic. presents another unmissable event.

Tuesday, July 26th will play Tale of us! The line up is completed by Pisetzky.

Tale of us are protagonists of summer 2016 in ibiza with their new party “Life and death”.

So, save the date because of this is an unmissable appointment in Formentera by night!

This is the official poster.



Tipic. Formentera presents two episodes of Cocoon with Ilario Alicante, Mattia Trani, Sonja Moonear & Vera!

Ibiza by night lands in Formentera, at Tipic. club, one of the best locations of the island.

Tipic. will host two episodes of Cocoon Formentera with – as usual – excellent guests.

Let’s start from Thursday, July 14th: the main guest will be the Italian dj and producer Ilario Alicante.

Ilario doesn’t need anymore presentations,  because of he is one of the best artists in the international scene.

The line up is completed by  Mattia Trani, and soon we will talk also about him.


Then, July 21st: the main guest will be an artist that we really appreciate:Sonja Moonear.

We heard several times Sonja: at Cocoon ibiza, in Naples at Nice to be, in Milan, and she’s a dj absolutely refined.

With Sonja will play Vera. This is the official poster.


See you at Tipic.!  Ready for Formentera by night???


Tipic. Formentera presents Alex Neri & Roberto Navarro!

Today we land in Formentera, an island where we have many supporters and where the nightlife is still interesting!

We focus on Tipic., a club that hosts some of the best events on the island, that presents  “Extra date”, with Alex Neri & Roberto Navarro!

The event is scheduled  on June 28th.

This is the official poster! Ready for Formentera by night? #formenterabynight


Tipic Formentera announces a great season! With Sven Väth, Joseph Capriati, Tale of Us, Ilario Alicante, Dubfire, Claudio Coccoluto and many more!

Tipic Formentera has announced a great season 2016 and has revealed some of the guests for next months.

The names? Are simply great!   Sven Väth, Joseph Capriati, Tale of Us, Ame, Ben Klock, Dubfire, Michel Cleis, Chris Liebing, Ilario Alicante, Ellen Allien, Sonja Moonear, then Ralf, Claudio  Coccoluto, Marco Faraone, Carl Craig, Carola Pisaturo… so ready for a great summer also in Formentera 2016!

Here you have the official poster with all the confirmed artists.

Stay tuned, because of Ibiza by night will update you, because of  Formentera by night will be under the sign of Tipic. !

#formentera2016 #formenterabynight


Tipic. Formentera presents: Jordan, Dave Hang & Joshel!

Tipic.  Formentera, a location that makes the difference on the balearic  island, presents: Jordan, Dave Hang & Joshel!

The event is scheduled Saturday 21st of May. Further infos here.

Stey tuned because of soon we’ll announce more intriguing news about Tipic. for summer 2016. Ready for an unmissable Formentera by night?

Here you have the official poster!



Ready for Formentera Jazz Festival?

Ibiza by night lands also in Formentera 2016, an island that we deeply love.

Today we talk about an important event:”Formentera Jazz festival“, that will take place from 2nd till 5th of June.

First of all Formentera Jazz festival is completely free: it will be celebrated again in the Placa de San Francesc (with the main stage), and the program includes artists from all around the world.

The organizers said:”After hosting the spectacular first edition last June, the Formentera Jazz Festival presents the contents of what will be its second edition on the paradise island of Formentera which will take place from 2nd to 5th JuneAn edition that has an extra day of the festival and new activities confirmed for both adults and children. It also incorporates a film program by the festival In-Edit Musical Documentary Film, and finally highlights a large selection of jazz artists and live performances such as Lessus, Jazzabell, Para Orbe,Mediant Collective, Tula Quartet, Román Filiu Quartet & The Beautiful Splendid Extra Quintet and DJ Raver Jewish“.

So, save the date, and if you like the Jazz, the appointment is in Formentera!

For further details: http://www.formenterajazzfestival.com  

Thanks to Pat Comunicaciones for the media support.

More infos about the artists here.


Tipic Formentera announces a special party in April!

Ibiza by night next summer will be focused also on Formentera, and when we talk about this island, we must mention Tipic, a club that since years organizes excellent events as Cocoon!

This year Tipic has several news in store, and soon we’ll talk about them, but start to save the date: next 23rd of April will be celebrated a special…pre-opening party!

Soon we’ll know more details and the line up, but since now start to save the date. And Daniele Leali, owner of Tipic, said:”Next 23rd of April we’ll celebrate our desire of summer, and, trust us, it will be an unforgettable Formentera 2016! And don’t forget our official opening party is scheduled next 14th of May!“.

Here you have the link to the event page on Facebook:


And here you have the complete list of confirmed opening parties in Ibiza (click here).