Space Ibiza: 27 unforgettable years!

Ibiza 2016 will be the 27th and the last one season for the legendary club of Ibiza (at least in Playa d’en Bossa…remember these words), and we wrote it a few weeks ago (read here).

Space is much more than a club, is an icon of Ibiza: on its dance floors have been celebrated some of the most important parties of the island, and it’s really difficult to believe that will close.

But- actually- these are the facts.

And – because of the number 27 is not a casualty – Space Ibiza has published on its official page this poster…dedicated to some icons that had  a common end at 27th years.

In this moment what we feel to write is simple:  prepare to live an unforgettable summer at Space Ibiza with “King” Carl Cox and friends, and then we’ll see what will happen.


Space Ibiza could close in 2017: sorry, but which is the news?

Yesterday all the magazines commented on the words of “King” Carl Cox, and wrote articles and articles about the future of Space Ibiza.
We have a different point of view.
First of all, it’s absolutely clear that an article about Ibiza is still trendy.
So, when is Autumn and Winter, and Ibiza is much more quiet, some media must find something to talk about “La isla”.
And sometimes these media exhumes themes that are – to be polite – Jurassic.
The first time that we heard that Space would close was in the far 2010, and Space is still open.
But there is something more: Space has been the first (and only) Ibiza’s club that already announced – last 4th of September – the opening party for 2016.
The date? Sunday 29th of May (see picture below).
So, we deeply respect the words of “King” Carl Cox.
We know very well that these words have a big specific weight, and reinforced the rumors about Space closing.
But these words are not an official news about Space definitive closing.
In these years circulated several “Metropolitan legends” about the end of Space Ibiza.
Many people – the ones which knows still the “important news” before the others – said that Space would close. The same people then said that Space would be bought by Ushuaia, and then said that Space would be transformed in Ushuaia by night. And these people along the years said that Space would move where now is located the Privilege, and also said that Space would be transformed in a commercial center.

522460_10151154289102393_1490852166_nWe heard also that Ushuaia would build an underground tunnel to connect Ushuaia and Space! 

Well these are the rumors: the reality is that Space Ibiza is still there.

What will happen in the future?

We don’t know it.

And also many people that like to seem “the informed ones” don’t know it. When, and if,  we  receive an official news, well, we’ll communicate it.

The only certain news, and it’s a beautiful news, is that Space Ibiza will be open in summer 2016, starting form 29th of May.

So, start to book your flight and prepare yourself to live a great summer in Ibiza 2016.