Ready for Rewind at Nassau Tanit Beach Ibiza? Free party!

Rewind is back at Nassau Tanit Beach Ibiza.

After the good results of the opening party, the second appointment of winter season 2016-17 will take place Saturday, December 3rd starting at 1 pm.

Let’s talk about the line up: Saturday will play Stefano Geminis, Sam, Ken Abel and Miguel Garji.

The program includes also the performances by Lucia Diamond.

Kids and families are welcome: from 2 pm till 5 pm are scheduled children activities, and from 12,00 till 13,30 carola will lead a lesson of beach yoga.

Then, another surprise: also Saturday has been invited the team of “Can Horse”, and  from 2,30 till 4,30 p.m. it will be possible to ride – helped by instructors-  their horses.

All the funds raised with the rides will be donated to support the project “Can horse” (more info here).

So, save the date, because of Saturday will be under the sign of Rewind, a party created and leaded by Gloria Geseri.

Further info here. Don’t forget, the entry is free.

This is the official poster.


Ibiza by night meets Mattia Chiusano!

Ibiza by night starts to meet artists, journalists and musicians to talk about the withe island.

“La Isla” is a special place, that captures the soul of the people…it’s a special trip…and today we decided to start to talk about it with a special guest, Mattia Chiusano, journalist,  Senior editor of the sport editorial staff of Repubblica, one of the most famous Italian daily :”Repubblica”.


Mattia Chiusano, what’s your impression about Ibiza?

Mattia: “A stunning mix of mediterranean charme, spanish fiestas and electronic music sounds: that’s how appeared me Ibiza when I first visited it in 2014. My job of journalist gave me the chance to travel all over the world, through a lot of Olympic Games and football events, but I always felt curious about La Isla Blanca: magical sunsets, world class djs pinchando in a small bar or in front of a nice beach. I talked with Ibiza lovers who met Roger Sanchez in a restaurant de la Ciudad Vieja, dining with pizza and champagne… What I found was something stronger I couldn’t imagine: an island full of rhythms and vibes, proudly in love with electronic music I began to appreciate since I was a kid, grown in the 80’s listening to Depeche Mode, Yazoo, The Human League, Pet Shop Boys”.

What were you surprised more at the beginning?

Mattia: “My first steps on the moon were in Space (que pena perderlo), during ENTER of Richie Hawtin: in “Mind” room a charismatic elegant gentleman was mixing sophisticated lounge music, surrounded by red lightened dancers. He was Daniel Miller himself, the first producer of Depeche Mode, pioneer of the synthesizers. While the voice of Dave Gahan filled the room, a shamanic Marcel Dettman was playing in Main Room and a friendly Richie Hawtin walked around to meet the guests”.

Did you have any experience of beach clubs?

Mattia: “After the enormous emotion of the night in Space, I lived a moving sunset in Destino Pacha, when H.O.S.H left the mixer to Solomun, a real magician of the island with his mysterious loops and his touching roots in Bosnia. Then I discovered artists like the melodic Koelsch, the whirling rhytms of Nick Curly, or glamorous clubs like the Eli Rojas’ Blue Marlin. So began my travel through the spirit of Ibiza, the unique place I know living of music, where huge golden masks of a german producer with an afro heart, Claptone, receive you at the arrivals area in the airport. Something like the Olympic Games of club music”.

Pacha Ibiza presents an important charity party!

Pacha Ibiza presents  the charity party “9 fiesta soldier Navidena”: the event will take place Sunday, December 18th, from 5 pm till 9 pm.

Pacha said:”Sunday 18th December. Come along with kids for a fun afternoon at our 9th Charity Christmas party. Shows, face-painting, clowns, games and more! For the benefit of Magna Pityusa & Apneef Ibiza Y Formentera” .

The family of Ibiza by night gives full support to this charity event, and compliments to Pacha Ibiza!

This is the official poster!