Ibiza 2016: thanks for this amazing season!

Finally, after many closing parties, also summer 2016 has ended!

Ibiza 2016 was great we like to tell thank you to all of us that made it possible.

So, it’s time to tell thank you to many old & new friends.

First of all we wish to tell thank you to the team  that supported us every day: Alejandra I.M., Cristina C., Juliana T., Emma Manley, Ivan Fly Corapi (that realized also the artwork), Sabrina Ibiza, Emanuele Grossi, Giovanni Imolese, Viktor Martini, the new, prestigious, entry Tamara Taylor, Takisha, Frederick S. the counselor, Carly & Mary. Thanks a lot also to Matteo Panzariello, Giulia, Drasko Vladimir, Susana Peric  & Massimiliano Mastrocinque for the constant help, special hugs to Giancarlo Capitano &  Katy Fontanive.

Then, our great and beautiful galaxy, with old and new friends: “The professor” Rafa De Siria, Paloma Tur, “ladypress” Guadalupe Revuelta, Florian Amman, Ana Isabel Moreno, Jesus Sierra, the sweet Pat Quintero and Elena Sanchez, Mina Navarro, Terry Martini from Cocoon Team, Gabriele Gilleri, Aura Mihai & Domenico D’Aniello from Privilege & the dear Katherine Viganoni!

Thanks to Daniele Leali & Tipic. team for a great summer together.

In Italy a special thanks to Antonio giungo & the team of Barn Club for the great cooperation.

Then, as a long tradition, the family of Music on .. Ernesto Senatore (plus Carlie and the young lions), Roberto Postiglione e Luca, and, still of the of Music on.. Davide Avallone and Carolina Acosta,  Fabio Addimandi, Salvatore Postiglione & first lady,  Antonio Postiglione,  Imma and Angelo Scarano, Chiara Restucci, Leon, Diana Ban, Onomè Swindle, Giulia Courtney, Billy Everywhere, Alina Deiac,  the super Maria Acevedo and Noe Lia, plus the magical sisters Raffaella Postiglione, Michela Postiglione, Mimmo Addimandi! Big kisses to Jasmine Criscenti!

Then our friends of Club Haus 80’s: Lorenzo Fassi, Checco Potenza, Agnese Collabolletta & all the family.

In Naples we have some special friends: Nice to be. Big hugs to Diana Donzelli, Angelo Perna, Carlo Cardola, Elvio Iannitti, Vincenzo Paccone, Massimiliano Salemme, Nicola Santoro & all the dream team.  

Thanks for everything to Idriss B, ta special hug to Cristina Zaror & Alban Piot.

But the list must continue with our great friends  Neverdogs: Tommy Paone and Marco Neverdogs, Nathan Barato, Attilio Pugliese, then Luca Paone and Alex Pixdinamic Giungato.. plus two people that we really consider brothers.. Ivan Terrenzio and Fabio Terrenzio … Benedicte Gauthier, Franz Imparato, Loretta Pettene, Emanuele Inga, Stefano Nicolini & lady Nicolini! A big hug to Marco Faraone, Reelow.. a great friend a great Dj and the sweet promoter…Paola Cuervo and our secvian friend Nemanja Godjevac plus the new elegant entry Giada Gilardoni!

A special thanks to Mavi Maione & Valerio Deliberti.

Thanks to La Troya ..to  Moises De Oliveira & Babymarcelo!

A hug to Ibiza Global radio team! Anna Tur, Josè Maria Ramon, David Moreno, Toni Moreno Miguel Garji & the dear Jordi Marì! Big hug also to  the dear Francesca Di Matteo, then to Giuseppe Cennamo & Deborah De Luca.

It’s a long list, ..so a big hug to Annapaola Infante (the sweet scorpio), Daniela Biagetti, Sara Frattina,  Gloria Geseri,  Valentina Faye, Salvatore (Sasa) Mendone, Katie Hayley Knight,  Alex Kennon, Angela Balducci, Paola Nos Y Elio Riso, Itziar Romero, Alexander von Pogwisch, Chiara Speziani, La Iaia, Simone Bernardi & Valerio Ferrante,   Michela Pedretti and Romeo Lorenzo Piatti! .. and we won’t forget other special .. Gianluca De Tiberiis and Gaty Lopez,Maurizio Marengo and Stefano Cioffi!!  A special thanks to the team of Ciao Ciao: Simone Perucci, Fabio Perucci, Christian Joyeusaz.

There are people that still supported us.. as..Mariana Zagravu, Alex Del Vecchio, Cristian Fiori, J, Giovanni Paolo Ascione, Davina Moss, the man that doesn’t sleep: matter Bonaretti!.

And the list it’s very long and includes special people as Hito (one of the most elegant dj I ever heard..), Alessio Montana, Matty Mellano, Briski Odd (yes.. the great one!!) Mariano Grande,  Mar Gozha,  Silvia Garcia. Session Sossiao Chiacchio, Vincenzo Vespoli, Diego Barretta (thanks for the help!) Anja Cruse (great supporter!!!)! Then, the great Mauro Melosi, and now let’s celebrate the team of Blue Marlin ibiza: Luca Mazzoncini, Kate Rocco, Mattia Ulivieri, Eli Rojas, Gaby Kameisool.

A great hug to Genny Mosca & his team.

Big hugs to Mr Marco Bassi, Frank Storm, Gigi libero, Amodio del prete & all the family of Unusual suspects!

A special hug to the Milan dream team: Federico Luckenbach,  Simone Monachino, Camillo Deganello, Veronica Battista, Francy Burdo, Maria Manduzio, Karen Menad, Silvia Scaglia…great to see you guys.

Thanks also to Jonathan Roi.. ready for new adventures!

I have also some special people to congrat in the team… Winnie Schatje from Hong Kong, the great Gyula Borbely and Kriztina Katona from Budapest.. two of our best friends.

I don’t want to forget the Spanish family! Starting from “the master” Joan Ribas, and then “super” Alex Andre, Mariano Somoza, John Ferrer & Versus party project, Felix da Funk, Jordi Tur, Joel Yern, Margarita Vita, Kike Lopez, Efrain Navarro, La Skimal, Jose Luis Cruz Serrano!

A special special kiss to miss Luna of Ibiza live radio, Angela Caruccio (London is calling) and René Goldman! A super hug to NiCe 7 Nicola, Cesare plus Alberto Baiocco & Jean pierre Soria.

Big thanks also to Dazzla Ding and Ugne, Frank Master,  Paolo Zampetti,Domenico Ruggeri,  “The lady” Imma Tarragò Molina, Franco Moiraghi and “the one” Federica Cencig, the dear Angelo Cesaro, Vivien de Rien,  Daniele Spadaro, Claudia Ribeiro, “Super” Lorenzo Belfiglio, Emiliano Rendina, Andrea Decuzzi, “the creator”, Maria Chiara Buccianti, Giovanni Cirillo, Annalisa Brillarelli (thanks for the support), Carlo Scavone, Gilberto Balocco,  Luciano Mancini,  the great new entry Mattia Chiusano,   Francisco Franko Sangiovanni, Luigi Moretti, David Ramon Riera & ants team! Special hug to Hito & Antonio Meridiano, the dj Dep, Domenico Moscatiello,  Margherita D’Aguiì. What about Ernest & frank? We love you guys..and we love also Romy Ruas, Sarah Bi & Joy Borrello.

I want to mention my sweet dj friends… Gino superstar Pizzero, then my great Domenico Lillo Molino, Sylvia Operè,  Cristian Viviano, Carmen Valero, Fernando Pablo Link, Viktor Buda, plus Fabrizio Langella, Alessandro Coscarella,   Nena Saric, and Lady Pam.. Pamela Cialdella.

During summer 2014 some people confirmed themselves as precious friends.. Raffaele Scognamiglio with mr Marco Marzano & Pasquale Lugaro!

We wish to hug also Augusto Penna, Raffo de Luca!

And what about bros like Paolo Regis and Luckybro? 

A big hug also to Leo Lippolis and Elisa Russo: forever friends!

Then from Milan Fabione Detroit, Samuel Aright, Stephan Esse and Mauro Sangregorio..ready for an epic winter together!!!

The list of special people that I met includes another precious new entry, Suzanne Peric, plus Angela Giannetta Ambrosia, CsaniY Roxana.

And I don’t want forget some special friends…Natasha Ibiza, Michelle Robertson, Un Santos, Kieran Goodacre, Ivan Fly Corapi, Sebastian Kato Hernandez,Elisa Paonne, Cesare Cinquina, Valentina Tremante & Tullio Ciampa, Eran Lump (so nice to know you and your team!!!), Mariana Zagravu, Ettore Ennetielle, Matteo Sacco, Ettore Ntl, Filippo Mexico,  Ernesto Ranni, Claudio Di Tullio.

There are many other friends that are supporting our project..as Maria Teresa Bac, Maribel Torres Ferrer, Giulia Servadio & Silvie Loto, Christian Velardi, Sarah Main and Linda Coelho, Luana Maroni, Sarah Main, the great Stefania Talesa!

Surely,as last year…. we forgot someone… it’s just by mistake… because of Ibiza by night is a great family and love you all!