Space will be back soon in Ibiza?

Space Ibiza closed. Space Ibiza will reopen soon?

This is the “BIG” question. In recent months, we heard many rumors.

Some were clearly unfounded. Others were interesting.

Our policy is very clear: Ibiza by night does not talk about rumors.

But now there is some very interesting news.

In San Antonio (Ibiza) a request was made  to create a hotel with adjoining secondary music activities.

The news was also confirmed also by the newspaper of Ibiza which provided some interesting details (read here)

We are unable to predict what will happen, and we do not know if and when the hotel will open in Ibiza.

But it seemed appropriate to mention it because we were among the many miles of clubbers who have suffered for the Space closing.

And we hope to see the Space brand again in Ibiza.

In any case we will keep you updated, also because Ibiza 2017 is already shaping up to be a very, very interesting season.

Text by Steve M.

Editing by Tamara T.

#spaceibiza #ibiza2017