Pacha Group could be sold very soon: what consequences?

Today Ricardo Urgell, founder & owner of Pacha group, has confirmed in a long, interesting and exclusive interview to the daily Diario de Ibiza (read here)) that the group could be sold very soon to the Trilantic fund for an amount of approximately 350 million euros.

The sale of the Pacha Group will represent an epochal event in Ibiza, because Pacha is “The Icon” of the white island.

Let us start to imagine what the consequences could be (don’t forget that Ricardo Urgell has said that at the last minute he could still stop the sale).

Actually, we don’t think there will be any important changes, even if Pacha is sold.

We are certain the hypothetical “new management” would want to continue organizing amazing events. Events that make a difference and increase income.

So, all joking aside, keep calm because Pacha won’t be transformed in to a Yoga Room. Let’s see together what will happen, because at the end of the day Ibiza will still continue to party, and Pacha will continue to be “the protagonist” of the night…and please remember … Mr. Urgell has already announced that he has lots of new ideas.

P.s. Our Italian supporters can find the news also  in Italian on Ibiza link.

Text by Steve M. Editing by Emma M.