Nice to be presents: Function, Mattia Trani (live) & Digo Amura

Nice to be is back: Saturday, October 29th, in Naples (Italy)  starting at 23,30 will play  Function, Mattia train (live) & Diego Amura.

Dave Sumner aka  Function is an artist with a long and interesting career, that includes the residency in a cult place as Bargain, and is a dj and producer absolutely respected.

Mattia Trani is one of the most interesting emerging dj and producer  in the Italian landscape and his live set has all the premises to be very intriguing, then Diego Amura – resident dj of Nice to be- is an artist that we heard several times and we appreciated his eclecticism, and has realized an Ep for  Etruria (further info  here)

Nice to be is a promoter created & leaded by Diana Donzelli & Marco Donzelli.

Further info here.

Artwork by Vincenzo Paccone

Venue address:  Duel beat, Via Antiniana 2a, Pozzuoli – Naples.