Ibiza by night meets Federico Gardenghi!







A few months ago a common friend told us about Federico Gardenghi (in the pictures below).

We were curious. For several aspects. First of all, Federico is a 12 years old kid that mixes music since he was 5 years old.

So for us Federico was a prodigy.

But we wanted to understand something more.

Federico could be a fake, the music business is full of fakes, so we decided to meet him, to become friends of his family so… before writing this interview… it took a lot of time.

The result? Federico is a kid full of enthusiasm who loves music, who ‘feels’ the mixer in his blood. He is absolutely real, no fake at all, and, as the most important aspect, Federico has a serious family behind him, they allow him to play and mix… but only if homework is done.


Federico is a special but normal young boy.  And this is the story of our meeting with himself and his parents.

IBN: So, Federico, how did all this story start? Why did you chose the mixer and not the Lego? 

Federico: “Music has always been the background in our family. When I was a little kid I used to see a cartoon where a boy was mixing in a train cabin. I loved that and I started to pose questions about the mixer .My parents decided to rent one for my 5th birthday… and all started here. And, by the way, I adore Lego’s and I have bricks everywhere… also on the consolle.”

IBN: the result?

Federico: “My parents wanted to be sure that it was not just a temporary love and they told me that if my school notes were good, I could have asked Santa to have a consolle, and the first little Gemini arrived.

IBN: And the Lego?

Federico: “I always loved them and I still do… they relax me. The mixer gives me energy.

IBN: What do your friends and schoolmate think about your passion?

Federico: “I actually don’t talk so much about it at school. My schoolmates discovered I was Dj’ing because they saw me on a newspaper. Then they started to support me. My passion is not easy to be shared at my age…

IBN: Who are your favourite DJ’s?

Federico: “My favourite DJ’s are Maceo Plex, Carl Cox and Andrea Oliva. But my most beloved one has always been Armin Van Buuren.


IBN: How does it feel like to ‘face’ the audience at your age? 

Federico: “It gives me a lot of energy. I love it. My friends play soccer in front of an audience, I mix!

IBN: Then, one day, you were on holiday in Ibiza and you met someone special … 

Federico: “Yes exactly, I was at the ‘Sands’ and Carl Cox was there. I went to greet him and we started talking, he heard about me and we played together.  He was super kind. I will always remeber that wow moment.

IBN: And after Mr. Cox?

Federico: “I met other famous Dj’s: Andrea Oliva, Sam Paganini, W&W, Mark Sixma, Orjan Nilsen, Ummet Ozcan. They have all been incredibly nice.

Carl Cox e Federico-2

IBN: For you as a young boy, what does Ibiza represent?

Federico: “Ibiza is the music island, to me is like to be in an enormous playground, there are mixers everywhere. I hope one day I could play there again…

IBN: Your plans for the future?

Federico: “I have many school years in front of me, and I have to be good at school No good notes … no mixer. I will also focus and better my music style , I have so much to learn. I hope I could be a DJ when I’ll grew old, I know I will have to work hard … but I’m ready to try.

IBN: Are you working on some production already?

Federico: “Yes, I have many many ideas, and soon the step into production will come … I would like to have my own style, and maybe my own productions. But … let’s talk about this in a year time.

IBN:Some hints about your next gigs? 

Federico: “I will be going to France, Belgium, Spain and Poland, and few dates in Italy. Stay tuned on my facebook page and I will post them all very soon. And thank you IbizaByNight “

IBN: Before we say good-bye, what about Ibiza ? 

Federico: “Of course! I’ll be in Ibiza from the 9th to the 23rd of July… see you all there !!”

IBN: Thank you Federico!!!

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