Ibiza by night meets Federico Gardenghi!







A few months ago a common friend told us about Federico Gardenghi (in the pictures below).

We were curious. For several aspects. First of all, Federico is a 12 years old kid that mixes music since he was 5 years old.

So for us Federico was a prodigy.

But we wanted to understand something more.

Federico could be a fake, the music business is full of fakes, so we decided to meet him, to become friends of his family so… before writing this interview… it took a lot of time.

The result? Federico is a kid full of enthusiasm who loves music, who ‘feels’ the mixer in his blood. He is absolutely real, no fake at all, and, as the most important aspect, Federico has a serious family behind him, they allow him to play and mix… but only if homework is done.


Federico is a special but normal young boy.  And this is the story of our meeting with himself and his parents.

IBN: So, Federico, how did all this story start? Why did you chose the mixer and not the Lego? 

Federico: “Music has always been the background in our family. When I was a little kid I used to see a cartoon where a boy was mixing in a train cabin. I loved that and I started to pose questions about the mixer .My parents decided to rent one for my 5th birthday… and all started here. And, by the way, I adore Lego’s and I have bricks everywhere… also on the consolle.”

IBN: the result?

Federico: “My parents wanted to be sure that it was not just a temporary love and they told me that if my school notes were good, I could have asked Santa to have a consolle, and the first little Gemini arrived.

IBN: And the Lego?

Federico: “I always loved them and I still do… they relax me. The mixer gives me energy.

IBN: What do your friends and schoolmate think about your passion?

Federico: “I actually don’t talk so much about it at school. My schoolmates discovered I was Dj’ing because they saw me on a newspaper. Then they started to support me. My passion is not easy to be shared at my age…

IBN: Who are your favourite DJ’s?

Federico: “My favourite DJ’s are Maceo Plex, Carl Cox and Andrea Oliva. But my most beloved one has always been Armin Van Buuren.


IBN: How does it feel like to ‘face’ the audience at your age? 

Federico: “It gives me a lot of energy. I love it. My friends play soccer in front of an audience, I mix!

IBN: Then, one day, you were on holiday in Ibiza and you met someone special … 

Federico: “Yes exactly, I was at the ‘Sands’ and Carl Cox was there. I went to greet him and we started talking, he heard about me and we played together.  He was super kind. I will always remeber that wow moment.

IBN: And after Mr. Cox?

Federico: “I met other famous Dj’s: Andrea Oliva, Sam Paganini, W&W, Mark Sixma, Orjan Nilsen, Ummet Ozcan. They have all been incredibly nice.

Carl Cox e Federico-2

IBN: For you as a young boy, what does Ibiza represent?

Federico: “Ibiza is the music island, to me is like to be in an enormous playground, there are mixers everywhere. I hope one day I could play there again…

IBN: Your plans for the future?

Federico: “I have many school years in front of me, and I have to be good at school No good notes … no mixer. I will also focus and better my music style , I have so much to learn. I hope I could be a DJ when I’ll grew old, I know I will have to work hard … but I’m ready to try.

IBN: Are you working on some production already?

Federico: “Yes, I have many many ideas, and soon the step into production will come … I would like to have my own style, and maybe my own productions. But … let’s talk about this in a year time.

IBN:Some hints about your next gigs? 

Federico: “I will be going to France, Belgium, Spain and Poland, and few dates in Italy. Stay tuned on my facebook page and I will post them all very soon. And thank you IbizaByNight “

IBN: Before we say good-bye, what about Ibiza ? 

Federico: “Of course! I’ll be in Ibiza from the 9th to the 23rd of July… see you all there !!”

IBN: Thank you Federico!!!

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Cocoon at Tipic Formentera: the opening party with Ilario Alicante & Cesar Vincent!

Cocoon, the cult party of “Papa” Sven Väth lands at Tipic Formentera with a great opening party!

As we already wrote, Cocoon will be hosted also in summer 2016 at Tipic Formentera (read here), and the opening party is scheduled on June 16th.

The line up? Includes as main guest the Italian dj and producer Ilario Alicante plus Cesar Vinzent.

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This is the official poster! Ready for Formentera by night?


“The King” Carl Cox is back at Space Ibiza for a great opening party! With Luciano, Matthias Tanzmann, Cristian Varela and many more!

The waiting has ended.

“The King” Carl Cox is ready to return at Space Ibiza for “The final chapter” of a marvelous and unrepeatable history!

As we already wrote, this will be the last complete season for Carl Cox in Ibiza, and also of Space Ibiza (at least in Playa d’en Bossa), and Carl has announced a top season line up (read here).

Tuesday 14th June, starting at 8pm, at Space Ibiza, Cox will  celebrate  the opening party, and the line up will include several top guests, as Luciano, Matthias Tanzmann,  Cristian Varela, Michel De Hey, B. Traits and many more.

If you are in Ibiza, this is a party that you can’t miss, because in Ibiza there is just one King, and he’s Carl Cox.

This is the official poster. Further info here.

BE-AT.TV announced that they will be live streaming the party for the entire 15 week season, bringing you two rooms direct from Space Ibiza every Tuesday, all night long.

Many thanks to Florian Amman for the media support.

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