Work in ibiza: the dream and the (often tough) reality…

Is a seasonal job in Ibiza realistic?

Throughout the following weeks, the most important casting and job selections for Ibiza 2016 will be held.

Many friends have written to us asking for suggestions and discussing their doubts with us.

The question is always the same: is a seasonal job in Ibiza realistic?

There are two possible answers:

a) if you want to spend a great summer and support yourself with your job then maybe (just maybe!), yes. 

b) If you want to earn an honest living AND save money then the answer is – it won’t be easy!

We don’t want to discourage you, but to be honest, there are many important factors that you would need to consider.:

1) the cost of renting; over the last few years, the cost of renting in Ibiza has increased dramatically. For example, to rent a single room it can cost till from 400-450 € till 600-650 € per month.

2) Salaries are not very high; approx. 1300/1700 € per month, sometimes less (of course, in some good restaurants you can also earn tips, but you can’t rely on them).

3) Ibiza is an expensive island. If you earn 1300-1700€ a month,  and you have to spend till 600-650€ just on rental costs, you can see for yourself that it won’ be easy to save money. 

One of our first suggestions, therefore, would be when you apply for a job ask how much the actual base wage is and if staff housing is included.

This could be a good option and many restaurants and hotels offer this.

Then you can evaluate whether it will be a good opportunity for you.

It would be very frustrating after a summer of hard work, to return home with very little money.

We wish you good luck in job search and if you want to know the current job opportunities in Ibiza, click this useful link.  

Text by Steve M & Emma Manley