Ibiza by night meets David Vincent, owner of Sankeys…and…

David Vincent is much more than a club owner, he’s one of the most eclectic and creative protagonist of Ibiza’s clubbing.

Ibiza by night met David Vincent (in the picture with his famous “Sankeys”) and he revealed some big surprises for summer 2016… starting for some new concepts, as David explains:”I was always into drama as a young kid. At an early age I was going to the Mickey Mouse club, I remember doing a impression of David Bellamy in front of 500 people at the age of 7 and making them laugh. I would always play the lead role in xmas acting as Joseph or Jesus. At 9 I was in a film called “A Woman Called Golda’ with the late great “Ingrid Bergman”. Later at secondary school I was one of the best at drama, but as it was only a CSE and I wanted to do only O-levels, so I decided not to carry on Drama. I have always been into film and comedy and my life is one comical drama. I think people who have come across me especially in the Sankeys Soap era know what I am about and I have created many fictional characters in my time of people I ridicule like “Mad Mike” & “Ketaman“.

On these premises, David Says:”In life I have always been the pisstaker and have always created a character or nickname of anyone who is significant enough in my life. Of recent times (last 4 years and currently) I do Burn Studio’s Residency where I take one of the lead roles as the judge on this DJ Competition. They say I am like “Simon Cowell” lol. The videos have been getting 1,000,000 views plus and are aired in Eastern European countries on MTV. Last summer I got approached to pilot for the Apprentice Ibiza and was the best on camera for the pilot but they decided not to do the programme but the producer said I was that good on camera that I could develop my own show on Channel 4 or ITV. So with this in the background to have my own TV show on national TV and with the recent explosion of videos and how easy it is to make these videos with technology I could see there was an opportunity to build my own style videos where I write, direct, produce, act and market my concept”. So, David had an intuition:”I realised I am very good writer (even though I honestly thought I was not good in this field) and it must be in the family after I recently discovered the great and late russian poet and nobel peace prize winner “Boris Pasternak” who wrote “Dr Schivago” was my great great uncle. I actually find this area quite natural as I do dance music so its exciting for me to awaken to this fact as I do not need anyone to help me get to where I need to besides having a great cameraman in the shape of “Bastien Francois“.

So, the project started ho have its form, as explains David:”The most important thing I want to do is write the 21 Chapters of my book “The Eccentric” about my life and how I got to here now and it fits perfectly that I can now do Chapter 22 of “The Eccentric” which is called “Sankeys Awakens”. My first video got so far 122,000 views in 5 days and I totally shocked about the positive reaction. Since then I am in the process of releasing now 26 parts of Chapter 22 which will be released every Friday at 1pm Uk time/2pm CET exclusively on Sankeys Ibiza facebook platform. This can be the way I practice and enhance my film skills until I do it properly on national TV one day when I am ready to do “The Eccentric” the film as a series telling the back story. Sankeys Awakens is my life currently and it is like “Spitting image, the young ones, lock stock & 2 smoking barrels meets Star Wars”. Sankeys is my film set and I am the Director of it with all the people in my life now being the real live actors in it. I created my own “Truman Story” in Ibiza. Lets see what happens, its exciting as it is a live clubbing comedy TV show about Sankeys the club, Sankeys the Dog and of course me lol. Dance music got too serious and money orientated and now I think it needs to be joke attached to it lol and I can do that. If you go Sankeys Ibiza (as it is being filmed in there each week) or are in my life currently or in the past there is a very good chance you will feature in “The Eccentric”. Maybe this will one day lead for me to have a role in “Star Wars”. Lets see as that is my ultimate dream“.

On these premises, which will be the next step for David Vincent’ Stay tuned, because of we will discover it soon!

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