May 2016: Nice to be presents Alan Fitzpatrick, Luca Agnelli, Caruan, VNP, Diego Amura, Carlo Martino & Ivannog!

Nice to be, the promoter created and leaded by Diana Donzelli and Marco Donzelli, presents two awesome events in Naples (Italy).

Save the dates: next 14th of May Nice to be hosts Details and will play Alan Fitzpatrick, plus the resident Diego Amura, Caruan, and Ivannog from Details.

This is an official event by Road to Movement Croatia.

The party will be hosted in Naples, at Ippodromo d’Agnano, more details on the fb event page (click here).

This is the official poster.


Still in May 2016, this time on the 20th,  and at Club Partenopeo, returns Luca Agnelli.

The line up is completed by VNP & Carlo Martino.

Diana Donzelli said:”We are very happy for the program of May, after the success of Sven, now we present  some excellent artists, and I am very happy for the return of Luca Agnelli,  an artist that  created a special feeling with us… and stay tuned because of in June will be published a new record by our VNP that includes a remix of Luca Agnelli, but soon we will talk about it

For further infos, here you find the link to the event page on Facebook, and don’t forget,  June 2nd Nice to be will host another great event with Ellen Allien, Miss Kittin & Nastia, more details here.