Nice to be presents Mathew Jonson (Live), Nathan Jonson and Agostino Casillo!

Nice to be, the promoter created and leaded by Diana Donzelli & Marco Donzelli, has scheduled a new interesting event, with pure electronic music.

In the same night will play Mathew Jonson (Live), Nathan Jonson and the resident dj Agostino Casillo.   Jonson is considered one of the most eclectic and interesting producers of the international scene and his live set  has all the premises to be pyrotechnic!

If you want to hear the sound of Mathew Jonson, just click here.

Save the date, the appointment is  Saturday 19th of march, in Naples.

In the Room 2 will be hosted a special event by Soul Express. So, save the date and see you there…and don’t forget Nice to be has in store several news, if you want more infos click here.

For further infors, here you have the link to the event page on Facebook:

This is the official poster (artwork by Vincenzo Paccone)

Venue address: Duel beat, Via Antiniana 2a, 80078 Pozzuoli (Na)



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