Nice to Be presents Ricardo Villalobos!

As we already wrote (read here), Ricardo Villalobos will play this week in Naples.

The event is organized by the promoter Nice to be, founded and leaded by Diana Donzelli and Marco Donzelli.

Ricardo Villalobos & Naples have a special relationship, that starts more than ten years ago, as says Diana Donzelli (in the picture below): “It was around 2000 in that time, with my past promoter Orbeat, we made basically techno with Marco Carola and friends. I went to Ibiza, at Dc-10, with my friend and dj Roberto Biccari, and we heard Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano at Dc 10 several times”.

And it was the immediate start of a great feeling, as says Diana:”We were impressed by the sound of Villalobos and Luciano, they mixed several styles and introduced also elements of “Latin sounds”, in January 2004 we phoned them and we organized two parties in Naples, in a cult club named “Velvet”, and they were two unforgettable events”.


So, since 2004, between Ricardo Villalobos and Naples started a great relationship as says Diana Donzelli: “I have organized, before with Orbeat and in the last years, at least ten dates of Villalobos, he’s the shaman, and my favorite artist”.

Last year Ricardo’s set at Mostra d’oltremare Naples was a sold out..and now? “Next 20th of February Ricardo will play at palapartenope, the same place where years ago he played with Luciano and Carola. That was an unforgettable party, but be sure, next Saturday it will be a great great night, because of Ricardo and Naples have a special relation!”.

Save the date, the appointment is next Saturday 20th of February.

And this is the official poster, with the art work of Vincenzo Paccone, and this is the link to the event page on Facebook:


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