Stop to the “Tiqueteros” in the Port of Ibiza? Let’s see what will happen.

We already said that  there could be several important news in Ibiza 2016 (read here).

And now there is a new one chapter: a few days ago Ibiza’s local media published the news (read here) that next summer could be prohibited the disco tickets sale in the area of the Port, and probably the “street ticket sellers (also known as “Tiqueteros”) should stop their activities.

Actually this is just an unconfirmed news.

Let’s see what will happen.

As usual, we think that the rules must be respected and accepted, but we hope that the local authorities will consider also how many people found an honest job opportunity selling disco tickets and how many people could remain unemployed.

Ibiza by night, as usual, will update you.




Junction 2 confirms Adam Beyer, Ame, Carl Craig, Marcel Dettmann, Nina Kraviz, Pan Pot and many more!

Ibiza by night has a strong community of fans in England, and today we land in London where we have a permanent section (read here), to talk about Junction 2.

The event, that will be hosted in London   has confirmed an amazing line up, that includes several Ibiza’s heroes and names as Adam Beyer, Ame, Carl Craig, Marcel Dettmann, Nina Kraviz, Pan Pot, Alan Fitzpatrick, Mano Le Tough, Dixon, Scuba, Modular Porsuits (live), Ida Engberg.

Save the date, the appointment next 2nd of June.

Here you have the official poster with the complete line up all the useful details.

Ibiza by night will update you.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

If you want the link to our section dedicated to the best events around the world, click here.




Job opportunities at Capadi for Ibiza 2016!

Ibiza by night has  a section dedicated to the job opportunities, where you will find several offers in Ibiza and around the world.

This is the link :

Today we talk about a new one job opportunity!

As we already wrote, Ibiza 2016 will be a year of big changes (read here) and we publish some useful job offers.

Capadi rebels are recruiting staff for summer 2016.

Here you have the text of the announcement with all useful details.

” For more than 5 years CAPADI have become known for their underground “REBELS” boat parties twice a week. On top of their boat parties they have hosted the Spektrum room at Sankeys every Sunday with VIVa Warriors as well as many other exciting events including beach parties. The concept of their parties is all about daring people to be different and to release their inner REBEL.

They have 2 exciting job opportunities to offer the unique opportunity to graduate in life experience with a major in independence on the magical island of Ibiza.

What defines a REBEL? “A REBEL is a person who stands up for their own personal opinions despite what anyone else says. A true REBEL stands up for what they believe is right, not against what’s right. It’s all about being an individual and refusing to follow the crowd.”

CAPADI are looking for REBELlious people from all over the world to join them for the best summer of their lives. Being part of the CAPADI ‘University of Life’ is not about attaining an academic accolade; but discovering yourself and expressing your individuality while, working within a motivating environment of like-minded people.

1. PARTY PACKAGE PR: The role up for grabs is to market and sell party packages created for tourists, working with the big clubs on the island as well as promoting and selling CAPADI’s own events. Applications have opened for places on the German, Italian, Spanish and English speaking team.

2. IBIZA 2016 INTERN (graphic design, marketing, photography): Currently taking expressions of interest for an intern to work in Ibiza for the summer. Seeking skills in marketing, writing, photography and graphic design.

Jodie DS the Sales & Marketing at Capadi Rebels “The friends you make in Ibiza become your brothers and sisters, they become family. They come from all over the world, enabling you to learn about each other’s culture, language barriers force you to learn new ways of communicating, the job itself forces you make new friends, it makes you see the world in a completely new way. You can study at a university for five years, but in one summer in Ibiza with CAPADI, the life skills you learn are something that you will hold onto for the rest of your life.”

Ash Ahmadi, Managing Director of CAPADI said: “We hope to open people’s eyes and show that working a summer in Ibiza can be great life experience. For us Ibiza represents freedom and opportunity which are the reasons behind the ‘University of Life’. The island has so much to offer and you can get so much out of working with cool, like-minded people. We’ve had a great reaction so far and look forward to finding new talent to join our team.”

Nemo the winner of the REBEL of the Summer in 2015 said: “Being a rebel to me means first of all to know who you really are, to know yourself and your possibilities. To feel fear of the unknown in every moment but still going over the edge, out of the comfort zone because all the magic is happening there. True rebel have to be a dreamer to have his own vision of the world and his life and to live it strong and with passion. To step out of the crowd and say NO to what is socially acceptable or not and to change the rules of the game. Peace and Love! kiss”


You have to be between 19 – 32 years old. You will need to speak either English, German, Spanish or Italian fluently. You will need to be confident and be able to work independently. Must have working rights in Europe.


The season commences early May until late September.


This will be negotiated based on experience.


On your arrival a CAPADI team member will pick you up from the airport and bring you to one of our CAPADI team accommodations. Our apartments cost 12 Euros a day dependent on location and how many people you live with. It is no problem if you have your own accommodation or want to find your own place – we will help you as much as we possibly can.


As much as we want you on our team, all flight and travel costs will be paid solely by you.


Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa to visit or work in Ibiza. Other countries you will need to speak with your embassy.

Think you have got what it takes?

APPLY NOW Party Package PR: Intern applications email: “.

Good Luck and don’t forget tor read our disclaimer!