Nice to be presents: Luca Agnelli, VNP & Diego Amura!

Nice to be, the promoter created and leaded by Diana Donzelli & marco Donzelli presents another interesting appointment with the music of quality.

In the same night will play as main guest Luca Agnelli plus the residents VNP and Diego Amura, two emerging artists that we really appreciate  (both of them have realized special sets for Ibiza by night radio show).

And Diana Donzelli said:”We are absolutely pleased to have for the first time Luca Agnelli with us: he’s one of the most interesting italian artist, so welcome in our family. And we are also happy to return at Arenile di bagnoli, the location where we started our great experience of Nice to beIn the same night we are proud to make play two our excellent residents:VNP and Diego Amura. And don’t forget in a few days Ricardo Villalobos will be back with us“.

So, save the date, the appointment is next 5th of February at Arenile di Bagnoli (Naples, Italy).

And don’t forget, Nice to be has announced also Ricardo Villalobos (read here)!

This is the official poster!


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