What will happen at Dc 10 Ibiza? Keep calm and don’t panic!

Today  “Diario de Ibiza” (Ibiza’s daily) published an article about Dc 10 Ibiza (see link below).

This news, generated several discussions and rumors (and – as you know- the team of Ibiza by night doesn’t work on rumors).

Then  a prestigious magazine as Dj Mag has wrote an article talking about a potential closing of the club for one year (even if also Dj Mag used expressions as “Potential bad news for Ibiza fans“)… (see link below).

because of Dc 10 is an icon of Ibiza, and  parties as Circoloco and Paradise are two of the most influent events in the global scene,  we decided  to mention this news.

We respect the opinion of Dj Mag.

But, on this theme, our idea is different and very simple: is time to be calm.

In these years we have read several times “important  news” that after a few days have been disproved or resized.

News are  news when all the details are clear.

In this case there are many “operative” aspects that must be cleared.

So, our line is very clear, we will wait firstly for “official and complete news with all the details” and then we’ll express our opinion on this theme, but now it would be  simply premature.

And, of course, we hope that Ibiza 2016 will be also with the soundtrack of Circoloco, Paradise and the other artists of Dc – 10!

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(Diario de Ibiza) :

http://www.diariodeibiza.es/pitiuses-balears/2016/01/07/sentencia-firme-avala-cierre-dc/815650.html  (Is available also the text of the decision).

DJ Mag



Click to access 2016-01-10_DOC_2016-01-07_12_08_24_dc10.pdf


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