Ibiza by night radio show presents: NiCe 7 on Ibiza Live Radio!

Here we are, tonight 26th of December, Ibiza by night radio show has two special guests: NiCe 7 on http://www.ibizaliveradio.com the radio founded and directed by Miss Luna.

NiCe7 (in the picture below) -that are one of the most interesting duo of Italian dj’s and producers –  returns also in 2015 for a special and exclusive show, that will be broadcasted tonight at 8.00 pm Spanish time!

4 combo power duo riga larga

Many thanks to Nicola & Cesare (NiCe 7) for this great set!

For further infos about NiCe7:


Stay tuned, because 2016 will start with other great news!



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