Ibiza by night presents: The Sound Lab episode #25 with Domenico Imparato aka Franz Dj

Today we celebrate a new episode ,  the  #25 of Ibiza by night – The Sound Lab, with friend of our community: Domenico Imparato aka Franz Dj!

Domenico  Imparato  (in the picture below) was born in Naples and had an interesting career as dj and producer (see bio). Domenico  has realized an interesting set for the Sound Lab, and this is the link where you can hear it:

12394240_10208319055282292_853213600_o.jpg For further infos, here you have the official bio and useful links:

And this is the bio: “Domenico Imperato a.k.a. Franz was born in 1987 in Naples. He started collecting tapes and videotapes about underground music when he was a very young boy he already fancied bands such as Prodigy Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, etc… At an early age he started collecting bootleg tapes made at legendary concerts in Naples and surrounding areas in the 1990s. He was and still is a keen supporter of the team Angels of Love which he joined at the age of 15. This experience marked an important milestone in his artistic career. Ever since he was 16 he has shown strong feelings of enthusiasm for spinning vinyls and great skills in manipulating music. Since he was 20 he has been in charge of DJ console at the best underground parties in Naples (Angels of Love, Site-L, Easy, Deep’n Morning, Velvet Zone, Raum Club,) With a lot of big dj such as Derrick May Tiga Dj Qu Ben ufo Blawan Roman Flugel Dj Tennis ,Adriatique,Supernova, Scuba Raresh Praslea Dana Ruh Alex Picone Analogue cops Prosumer and more… At the age of 21 he studied at the Nut Academy in Italy where he got his diploma in Electronic Music Producer and Live Performer. In 2009 he spent 6 months in London where he mastered his manipulating music skills. Since 2010 he has taken an avid interest in the project work that is about the great vinyl, analogue world. He has recently produced his first EP named “The Mind Thief” which is available on beatport, junodownload and other digital distributor portals. in 2013 he found On air a new clubbing concept organization that promote the music and artist with a weekly appointment on Thursday filmed by cameras ,recorded the whole thing on Mixcloud and then posted it on you tube channel . In 2015 he founded TRANSITION a radio program with live streaming audio and video on air every Wednesday from 21.00 till 22.00 on WWW.RADIOUMR.COM


Welcome Domenico…and stay tuned because of soon for us will play Max Cioffi,  Joe Venditti & Neshga, and in January  2016 Joshua Puerta!

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