The Boiler Room lands in Naples! With Joseph Capriati, Markantonio, Gaetano Parisio, Luigi Madonna & Flavio Folco!

The cult event “Boiler Room” lands in Naples with a great line up!

Joseph Capriati, Markantonio, Gaetano Parisio, Luigi Madonna & Flavio Folco will play next 10th of December, starting at 19,00 till 01,00 GMT (20,00-02,00 CET).

Joseph Capriati don’t need any presentation: step by step has become one of the most influent dj of global techno scene,  Gaetano Parisio – with Marco Carola –  is one of the founder of Napoletan Techno Music, Markantonio is a dj and producer living an important moment of his career.

The line up is completed by  two excellent artists: Luigi Madonna and Flavio Folco.

If you want try to get the invitation or follow the event live streaming, this is the useful link:

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

Here you have the official poster!

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Sankeys Ibiza announces a special early bird ticket offer and big news for Ibiza 2016!

David Vincent, the owner of Sankeys Ibiza, has announced a special  early  bird ticket offer!

And there is also another big news. Sankeys Ibiza will start the summer season 2016 with a great party next 1st of May!

Here you have the text of the announcement:”For many years there has always been talk about extending the Ibiza clubbing season. After 5 years being here, nothing has changed it was just “blah blah blah” so I thought to myself,  I’ll do it. I like a challenge and I want to progressively push the island I love forward whilst creating a legacy like I did in Manchester! MAY THE 1ST BE WITH YOU“.

Here you have the related link:

Here you have the poster with all the details…so ready to book your disco tickets for Ibiza 2016?