Changes to club closing times in Ibiza? A new chapter of the saga!

As we previously wrote, the Counsel of Ibiza’s Mayors decided a few weeks ago (with a common agreement) on the new closing times for Ibiza’s clubs.

Now another chapter has been added to the saga: as reported today by the daily Diario de Ibiza*, it would appear that there have been some different opinions in San Antonio’s area.

So it will be very interesting to know what really will happen.

This is a theme that is very important for Ibiza’s nightlife (see related article: ).

But as these are just rumours, we say again, don’t panic.

Things can still change and, when any official news is released, ‘Ibiza by night’ will update you. Don’t forget, it’s never to early to book your flight for Ibiza 2016!

Here you have a link to the interesting related article on Diario de Ibiza:

Stay tuned, because of this will be a truly interesting saga…



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