Rec Division launches its first EP with a luxury premiere: D.S.E.M.-s ‘Dance with me’!

The  record label from Madrid ‘Rec Division’ has decided to open the doors to the electronic music after being devoted during a decade to the rock and roll.

For the launch they have chosen an EP marked by a  combination of rhythms deep house, discreet techno and even an evocative vocal melody.

The energy generated when the group –D.S.E.M.- (Akiles & Claver) composes music takes you directly to put your trainers on and throw yourself to the dance floor.

With their second launch they show it again. Therefore, which better title for this EP than ‘Dance with me’?

The three original tracks of this new piece of work are focused on the dance floor with elegant grooves handled through synthesizers and rhythm boxes.


The main track, entitled like the EP, takes you through optimistic and beatiful lyrics towards a better moment, almost to the promised land, that lovely place where nothing wrong can happen to you and more.

The theme begins with good rhythm and, over it, a robotic, dark, far-away voice. The theme intertwines with Akiles’ brilliant and sex-appealing voice among swings of synthesizers, which rise and rise in harmonic progression.

Along the melodic lines with a touch of suggestive rebound we reach the second track. ‘Heat Dancer’, as its own name suggests, is perfect for a night of enjoyment and its following morning.

‘Night shift’, the third and last track of this EP, is a theme full of grooves, of circular spirals. You travel to a high emotion, into the deepest atmosphere of the night. ‘Night shift’ shows the powerful set of production skills of the boys.
Thus we are before a new great launch of -D.S.E.M. – or, what is the same, Akiles & Claver.

The group of Madrid lays again their cards on the table and shows their undeniable talent and innovating musical style.

And as final clasp, the EP comes with a remix of the song “Dance with me” done by one of the most promenet Vasque Country Tech-House producers ,EKAI, giving the track a more Clasic House music approach without loosing the original deepness.

Text: courtesy of Rafa de Siria & Rec Division


Zu::bar (Pescara) presents: Davide Squillace and Re_Named!

Zu::Bar Club (Pescara, Italy) one of the most interesting clubs of central Italy, presents: Lost in Transition.

The line up is awesome and includes as main guest Davide Squillace, that is one of the most appreciated Italian dj’s in Ibiza.

During summer 2015 Squillace played in several top locations of the White Island as Circoloco at Dc10, with Carl Cox and at the closing of Beachouse.

The line up of Zu::bar is completed by the italian duo of Re_Named.
So save the date: next 7th of November the “party” is at Zu::Bar Club Pescara!


For further infos this is the link to the event page on Facebook.


A special thanks for the media support to our friend Ivan Terrenzio that after a good season with Hyte Ibiza, is back in Italy! See you soon Ivan!

Text by Carly M.M.

Ibiza by night presents: The Sound Lab episode #21 with Miguel Gomez Fernandez!

It’s time for another episode of “The Sound Lab”!

Ibiza by night presents today the 21st Chapter – Season 1 with a  new entry: Miguel Gomez Fernandez!
Miguel (in the picture below) is a Spanish  dj based in Valencia, and has  realized for us an exclusive set).

Here you have the link:


And this is the link to Miguel’s Soundcloud page, where you could hear his music:

If you want to send your music, please join our group on Facebook Ibiza link (this is the easiest way):

And if you want hear all our episodes, this is the section where you will find all the podcasts:

Then start to send there your sets… someone of our team will hear you – as we already said -and soon you could have nice surprises!


And the list of friends that will be presented by The sound lab is already intriguing… after Miguel Gomez Fernandez, Paolo Zampetti, Inga, Alex Del Vecchio, Alejandro Scocco, Lorenzo Calvio, Elvio Iannitti, Ettore Ennetielle, Ivan Fly Corapi, Luigi Moretti, Sabrina Terence, Tania Moon, Resonant, Dennis Lado, Viktor  Martini, we are ready for new sets of Ivan Fly Corapi, Emanuele Grossi, Ettore Ennetielle and … well we’ll have more surprises soon!

So Stay tuned!

Side B returns at Pacha Ibiza. Free entry by guest list!

After the good result of last 17th October, Side B is back at Pacha!
The line up is interesting and it’s composed by: Angel Linde (Side B, Pacha Ibiza), Willie Graff (Pacha Ibiza, Cielo New York,Side B), Javier Gonazalez ( Monza Ibiza,Destino) and Diego Jimenez.
The appointment is next Saturday 7th of November at Pacha Ibiza!

The entry is free by guest list.
For more infos (also to sign the free guest list) this is the link of the event page on Facebook:

Here you have the official poster.


Text by Christine Z.

Ibiza Live Radio presents this week: Miss Luna, Wicked 7 Network, Louie Vega, Felix Da Funk, Cristian Godoy and many more!

Ibiza live radio ( the station created and directed by Miss Luna, presents: the specials of the week!

In next days will play Miss Luna, the legendary Louie Vega (Tuesday from 10 pm till midnight), Wicked 7 Network, Cristian Godoy, new entries as Motoe Haus, Addex, Marco Celloni and Tim Angrave!

And, save the date, because of next week Ibiza by night radio show will be back – Saturday 14th of November – with a special set by Rafa De Siria!

For further infos, here you have the link to the complete schedule: