Breaking news: Carl Cox announces his final full season at Space Ibiza!

This is the news of the day: “King”  Carl Cox, about half an hour ago, announced on his fb fan page that next one will be his last full season at Space Ibiza!

This is the text of the announcement. “The news is out! Next year will mark the 15th anniversary of my residency at Space, Ibiza and will be the final year of my full season at the club. To mark the occasion we will run for a record breaking 15 weeks making it our biggest year yet! ‪#‎MusicIsRevolution‬ ‪#‎OhYesOhYes‬“.

This  is a rumor that was circulating since months, but – as you know – Ibiza by night isn’t interested and doesn’t publish rumors.

Now the news is official, and – even we still hope  that King Carl Cox could  change idea, we are ready for an amazing final season in Ibiza 2016!

And this is the screenshot with the news!  #carlcox #ibiza2016 #carlcoxibiza2016


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