BlueCube Records presents the House side with PearlCube Series!

We receive and we are very happy to publish and interesting news!

“With the aim of broadening their horizons within the various styles that include electronic music, consolidated Barcelona label BlueCube Records announces the release of its new series: PearlCube. Its founders Nuria Ghia and Jose Lücker are committed on a new line that encompasses various styles apart from the pure Techno that defines BCR, guiding the sound of PearlCube Series to House, Tech-House and also Deep House.

“PearlCube is the most “House” series of BlueCube Records. It is important for us that our fans are clear about the different musical options offered by the label” – Nuria Ghia

“This new series will allow us to collaborate with artists that so far have not connected with the Techno sound of BlueCube Records. We like House and its subgenres very much, and now we will be able to express it through PearlCube” – Jose Lücker

The first reference of PearlCube Series will be released on September 9th under the tiitle INIT – The PearlCube Compilation (PCS001). A VA that serves as an introduction to this new project, defining perfectly the essence of their sound through eleven songs of excellent quality. The artists collaborating in INIT are: Luna City Express, The Cheapers, Lauhaus, Ekkohaus, Jacob Phono & Jens Bond, Andre Butano, Echonomist, Rodrigo Laffertt, Collective Machine, Captain Knuckles, Dubphone and Nuria Ghia”.

Ready for great music?


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