Ibiza 2015: 20 unmissable parties!

We’ve arrived in the middle of August, and after many days and nights, the team of ‘Ibiza by Night ‘ just has to let you know about the 20 unmissable events in Ibiza during 2015.

These are all parties that we visited several times, there are many others that probably are also beautiful, but this is our list!
For each day, we have chosen one commercial party and another more underground one. On Sunday we will talk about more parties, and – as you will see – there is a very good reason!
Let’s start!


Circoloco at Dc 10

If you want to hear great music and the music of the future, you have no choice – you have to go to Dc-10. This place is for the true clubbers.


David Guetta & friends have scored great results during the summer of 2015 – the magical formula of King Midas? Quite simply, professionality,good commercial music and a show with a strong, emotive impact!


This is the day of Flower power: during the summer of 2015 Flower Power has been one of Pacha’s diamonds, including fantastic choreography.
Dress up and prepare yourself because for one night the sixties and seventies are back!

Space Ibiza

Tuesday is the day of “The King” Carl Cox! Great music, great emotion. King Carl is King Carl.


Paradise at Dc 10

Jamie Jones and friends are back at Dc 10. This is a strong party and also one for the true clubbers. Jamie Jones doesn’t make any cut backs …it’s more than a party, it’s an experience.


Axwell and Ingrosso strike back: the ex Swedish House mafia duo are always a guarantee of good commercial music.

Luciano at Destino

Every two weeks Luciano plays at Destino (part of the Pacha Group) and it’s one of the best parties of Ibiza 2015. We really love Luciano in this “open air” version. Destino is such an elegant place – the perfect party.


You can love Guetta or not, but also during the summer of 2015 ‘F*** Me I’m Famous’ is still full. There has to be a reason for this… After years and years of success, much respect for the French DJ and producer.


Music on

Music on for the fourth season the party of Marco Carola and friends scores sold out sessions: if you want to make the definitive experience into techno world, then this is the party. The team of Ernesto Senatore, Roberto Psitiglione and Luca Piccolo is simply perfect and totally unmissable. Make sure to rest during the day, because when Marco Carola starts to play, you don’t know when he will end. That is the experience!


SupermartXè, the Spanish party: good commercial music and excellent shows. If you want a night of pure fun, this is the party. But don’t expect to hear techno music!


Ants: the colony lead by Andrea Oliva and friends strike back: a party of good underground music. This is the party of Saturday daytime.


Pure Pacha- Paris by Night… Bob Sinclar and friends are great professionals, and they have had great results during the summer of 2015.

Space Ibiza
El Row

El Row is back, with good DJ’s and great performances. A beautiful party in Spanish style. We like it.


Avicii scores great results. So, if you like edm music, this is the place!


Guy Gerber created the best free party in Ibiza: Rumors. Great electronic music, excellent crowds. This is the place to be until midnight. Rumors really is one of our favourite parties, and the entry is free. Unmissable!

Hard Rock Hotel

Children of the 80’s is the best news of Ibiza 2015: great choreography and performances from disco heroes of the eighties. This is a really great party. Congratulations!

Heart Ibiza

Acid sundays is one of the most beautiful  and coolest parties that we have seen during summer 2015! Acid sundays is more than a party, it’s “The experience”. Unmissable.


Solomun + 1 is the party of Sunday night: Solomun is a guarantee, and has one of the best crowds in Ibiza. Excellent and still innovative.

Space Ibiza

Luciano and Vagabundos are back. A great present for his fans. Luciano is Luciano.


La Troya

Many people though that La Troya was a decadent party ,and it’s as strong as ever, and also Baby Marcelo is back. This is the most unconventional party of Sunday night!
So, here you have our list of favourite parties.

There are many other emerging events, such as Outside, the free party of Andrea Oliva. Wednesday at Beachouse, Hyte at Amnesia, or Hardwell at Ushuaia, but we will talk about them at the end of the season.

Ibiza 2015 has had a lot of good music and also some unexpected flops… but we will talk about that soon. Be sure to check back with us…!

By S. Massa, editing by Emma Manley


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