Sunday, La Troya is back at Amnesia Ibiza!

Sunday  night at Amnesia  Ibiza it’s time for  “La Troya”.. a one of   shows with the longest history on the island!
Next Sunday  at Amnesia will be celebrated a new one episode .because of La Troya goes…“To prison”.
What will happen at Amnesia? Karl Morin, manager of the party, said to Ibiza by night: “This week is a special episode, because of La Troya goes to “la prision”,jail…It is actually a critic about all those business criminals,political criminals that surround us everywhere so we decide to play as police and thieves so let’s see who will win,the good or the bad? Come on and see we are waiting for you…“.
So, bee ready for another unforgettable Wednesday night at Amnesia with Trojans!
Here you have the poster of the party!

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