Ibiza by night meets NERVO. The exclusive interview!

Last Monday, 13th July at Ushuaia Ibiza, NERVO presented their new album “Collateral”.
NERVO are two Australian sisters (Liv and Mim) that in the last few years have stormed the world’s charts with their music .
The artist’s, NERVO, are completely loved in Ibiza.

They are always smiling and they are the kind of artists that never say no to a selfie with a fan!
This year NERVO has prestigious collaborations with artists such as David Guetta and will play several times during summer 2015 in Ibiza.
‘Ibiza by night’ met them at the end of an amazing party, and they were, as usual, incredibly nice and very open…we talked about Ibiza, the new album and about Italian food!

Photo Credit Chloe Paul_NERVOIMG_9634_v2

IBN: Let’s start with your new album which is finally available!
Liv: “Yes, it was hard work, but we are very happy with the final result, we love “Collateral”!
Ibn: You have many prestigious collaborations on your album…
Mim: “Yes! Many great friends such as Kylie Minogue and Nile Rodgers helped us, we are so happy with it! We wish to say thanks to all the team of artists that cooperated with us”.

NERVO_Collateral_Final Cover_hi res copy
Ibn: NERVO and Ibiza, how is your relationship with the Island?
Liv and Mim:“We love Ibiza, it’s a fantastic place. We currently we live here, we have many dates confirmed on Monday night’s plus on other days so 2015 will be a great summer. In Ibiza you can feel a special energy and let me tell you that we are very happy to be back in Europe, we have Italian roots!”.
Ibn: You have Italian roots…so tell us which is your favourite Italian meal…?
Liv: “Well pizza first of all, but I love all Italian cusine!”.
Mim: “Pasta and Pizza, but as far as Pasta is concerned I love linguine!”.

Text by Steve Massa

Editing by Emma Manley

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