Ibiza by night radio show Saturday presents: Miss Luna! The Interview!

This week Ibiza by night radio show has a very special guest: Miss Luna!

Miss Luna (in the pictures below) is a German dj and producer based since years in Ibiza…and she is also the founder and Director of http://www.ibizaliveradio.com, the popular web station based in Ibiza, where Ibiza by night radio show is broadcasted every two Saturdays.

Next Saturday, 27th of June, from 20,00 till 21 (Spanish time) we are proud to have as dj Miss Luna, that realized a specials session for our program!


And, before the program, the team of Ibiza by night met Miss Luna for an interview!

IBN:So Luna how’s going with ibiza live radio?
Miss Luna: Hi guys, actually we are very happy with the development of the radio station. All of us, the great Ibiza Live Family with all the DJs, labels and other supporters – such as IBIZABYNIGHT 🙂 made it happen that just in only two years it was possible to build an amazing platform for real underground house music Ibiza style from all over the world. We were awarded best Ibiza radio station in 2014 by ibizaclubbing-guide , so the way is only UP!

IBN: Can you tell us something about the new projects for summer 2015 of ibiza live radio?

Miss Luna: Well there are many. We go on board every Saturday, together with WE LIVE HOUSE MUSIC and ReelhouseTV, starting in Playa D´En Bossa at noon and come back at 5 pm. What will you get there? Pumping House Music, a lot of Sun, Drinks and Snacks. There will be a stop in the Carribean-like waters around Formentera where you can go for a swim. Resident DJs are TWISM (Soulful Legends, WLHM) and myself, Miss Luna, and the guys from ReelhouseTV. Many great and also famous guest DJs will join us over the summer. Just got confirmation by Lenny Fontana from New York. Tickets prices start from € 69. Check the event here https://www.facebook.com/events/1000287253338819/ and get your ticket at http://www.oceanbeat-ibiza.es.  Another project will take place weekly at the Bay Bar in San Antonio. „Bay Bar presents WE LIVE HOUSE MUSIC & IBIZA LIVE RADIO“. Every Friday from 4-7 pm TWISM, Miss Luna and guests will rock the San An promenade.
As last year we cooperate with IBIZA WHITE FM 103.7, situated in the Tantra Bar, Playa D´En Bossa. Every Thursday and Friday 7-9 pm we broadcast from there Live with many invited DJs and do interviews and some performances will take place as well. all that will be on air on both stations and you can hear it as well on your normal Antenna Radio Frequency 103.7 in Ibiza! We are also looking forward to the ibizabynight interview with the one and only Frank ´O Moraighi. DJ Q (BStar Music Group) will join us as well in July….. and many more to come. If you want to see how radio is done, you can just pass by and say HI!
As well we keep on building a bridge to the music scene in London. Together with DZ-1 music label we run a regular party at the Plateau Restaurant in the middle of the financial district of London, Canary Wharf. Ibiza Live Radio will broadcast from there next time on 26th July 2015. Check http://www.mazi-events.com for detailed info.


IBN:  Let’s talk about Miss Luna and Ibiza: what means the island for you?

Miss Luna: Ibiza still means freedom and creativity for me. The spirit attracting many of us artists is still there, just a bit more hidden now. VIP champagne limousine action is everywhere now and makes the Island a bit the same than other places in the world. But this is only superficially. There are still many genuine and true artists on the island who hold the fort for the pure Ibiza Vibe. We just have to sit and wait a bit until things change again and in the meantime…. let´s do music & arts 🙂

IBN: What about your artists future projects?

Miss Luna: In the coming winter I will be working on my 2nd Album. My first one, „RISE & SHINE“ came out in 2009 and many of the tracks on there have been licensed on a bunch of compilations and have been remixed and re-worked….it´s time to create a second set of sounds representing the musical development of „Miss Luna“ and this will include many of the great artists I´m working with by now. The album will include Deep & Tech House tracks as well as some Lounge Music – as I love them all.
I am also planning another EP or album with tracks and remixes with my long term artistic partner Q DeRHINO.
Some tracks of mine will also come out very soon or have just been released. „Love Bomb“ with Donna Destri & Steven Jones appeared on Deep ´N´ Dirty Legends recently and remixes will be available by the end of the season. Another track with the wonderful Rescue Poetix, poetry queen of New York, will be out on White Lotus Club Records and Bodikela Records very soon. As well on White Lotus Club Records I got a track out with Thes-Man & Kimicoh, called „Hold On“. It is as well available in all major online stores. Remixes by great producers such as TWISM and Trinity Blade are on the way.

Thanks Miss Luna, and we are ready for your radio show!

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