Sunday, Amnesia Ibiza, La Troya is back with the opening party!

Sunday, 14th of June, returns at Amnesia Ibiza one of the historical and most loved parties on the island: La Troya!

La Troya, after many years, moved from Wednesday night to Sunday night, and with this big news the show is ready for a new one amazing season of transgressive parties and surprises the will start Sunday with the great opening party and is ready for a great Ibiza 2015!

Ibiza by night met Karl Morin, manager of la Troya (in the picture below) and he said:”This summer, La Troya the one and only truly Ibizan’s party is moving its venue on Sunday. Like always it will be the meeting point for all kind of tribes of all ages and cultures. Fun,happiness and craziness will still be our leitmotif and now it will be the party to go on Sunday at Amnesia. Through the last 40 years Brasilio already showed us his skill of party maker.He was one of the first to create parties in night clubs on the white island and we can assure you that we are 100% pure Ibiza. This year we invite you to a new chapter in our Troyan’s story where you’ll be witness of the true Ibiza essence,a unique essence.We welcome you to experience freedom,pleasure and happiness. So from now on, Sundays are Ibiza,Sundays are La Troya“.


And this is the poster of the party!

Welcome back La Troya from the team of Ibiza by night.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And many thanks to Karl Morin and Moises De Oliveira for the media support.

#openingparty #ibizaopeningparty #ibiza2015


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