Saturday, Hotel Pacha Ibiza (El hotel) presents: Joan Ribas & Gaty Lopez in “House vibes”!

Saturday, starting at 23,00 till 3,00 am,  Hotel Pacha Ibiza (El Hotel) presents: Joan Ribas & Gaty Lopez in “House vibes”!

Joan Ribas, as we said many times, is a musical  institution in Ibiza,  after several years at Pacha now is the music director of Hotel Pacha and last summer had also an important role at destino Hotel.

Gaty Lopez is an Italian dj and producer based since many years in ibiza and recently has ended his Us tour.

“The Master” Joan Ribas and Gaty Lopez are two great friends of our community, and both of them realized an exclusive set for Ibiza by night radio show on, and they both are a guarantee of elegant music.

Here you have the poster of the party.

The entry is free.


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