Ibiza by night presents: The Sound Lab Episode #12 with Christian Adamo!

It’s Sunday, and  today we present  a new special episode, the twelfth, of The Sound Lab!

Every week Ibiza by night has introduced   one or two dj’s, and he/she has realized  an exclusive podcast for the Sound Lab.

Today we talk about a great friend of our community, Christian Adamo!

Christian (in the picture below) is an Italia dj based since many years in Egypt, in Sharm el Sheikh, where he has played and had residencies in the top locations of the area.


Actually Christian is involeved in new projects, and soon we will talk again about him, and he already played also for Ibiza by night radio show.

Here you have the link to hear it! Enjoy!

If you want to send your music, please join our group on Facebook Ibiza link (this is the easiest way):



And if you want hear all our episodes, this is the section where you will find all the podcasts:


Then start to send there your sets… someone of our team will hear you and soon you could have nice surprises!

And the list of friends that will be presented by The sound lab is already intriguing… after Alex Del Vecchio, Lorenzo Calvio, Elvio Iannitti, Ettore Ennetielle, Ivan Fly Corapi, Luigi Moretti, Sabrina Terence, Tania Moon, Monella, Maurizio Marengo, Christian Adamo,  and soon will play for us Dario Condoleo … and two final surprises..

But don’t forget…since the end of April we will enter in pause mood, because of summer in Ibiza it’s coming, our team will be focused on the nightlife, and we will re-open the sound lab in October!

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