Friday, Pacha Ibiza presents FUDE! With Carlos Jurado, Dazzla and Jeancedric!

Friday, 13th of March starting at 21,00 till 2,00 am Pacha Ibiza presents: Fude!

We like to remember that Fude (food under Design & Electronic) has become, in just two years, the main Ibiza’s dinner party   of Friday night in Ibiza during winter and spring time.

The secret? Every week there is a theme’s change, a different menu, a different show!

The dinner show also this week will start at 21,00 with a special theme “Nuit francaise”.

In consolle will play the “Doctor”  Carlos Jurado, the Australian Dj and Producer Dazzla  and Jeancedric.

During the night there will be a fashion show by velvet and an Exposition by Jerome Ferrière!

And during the night there will be also a tango show  by Lucien Lecarme with Sonia Prenner.

This is the poster of the party, that has  since two years the media partnership of Ibiza by night.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:


And here you have the poster with the special menu of the night by the chef Victor Martinez!


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