Saturday, Ibiza, it’s time of Seafood Aperitivo at Start up!

Next Saturday, at the Start up, located at Av. D’Espana 59, Ibiza, starting at 19,00 till late, it’s time of Seafood Aperitivo!

Daniela Biagetti, promoter of the event said:”The ultimate Aperitif is just about to hit Ibiza scene !!!
Set In a brand new italian venue In España be prepared to experience an exquisite journey through the wonders of italian cuisine where fish and excellence are the two key ingredients !!! From the massive fish balls to seafood canapés…from prawn stick to deep fried anchovies and many more….
This will be heaven for your tasting buds! Boasting uníque setting with gastropub informality and elegant details this is the place where urban buzz meets italian style setting the yardstick In the aperitif world….If you thought the aperitif scene could not get any better be prepared to change your mind !!!“.

So best wishes to Daniela Biagetti and her team.and here is the official poster!

This is an useful link:


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