Saturday, Pacha Ibiza presents: Vintage! With Sebastian Gamboa, Anna Tur, Angel Linde and B- Linda!

Saturday, 21st of February, starting at 23,45 at  Pacha returns also this month  the Ibiza’s cult event: Vintage!

Vintage is the party created by Sebastian Gamboa, and since few years  is one of the most appreciated and followed events on the island, especially during winter season (in summer time Vintage moves usually in the other super location of Lio Ibiza).

Sebastian Gamboa in an artist that plays an elegant sound, that’s absolutely appreciated on the island, and his brand since years it’ is a guarantee of good music.

The line up next Saturday  is completed by “lady” Anna Tur of Ibiza global radio and  form our friend Angel Linde…and there will be a “special”  violin, that will be played by B- Linda!

For further infos, this is an useful link:

This is the poster of the event!


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