Job opportunities in Ibiza: an useful Fb group! Ibiza by night meets Olivia Cardona

Summer  2015 in ibiza it’s not so far.

many people from around the world are searching job in the magical island.

Ibiza by night has a special section dedicated to the Job opportunities, and this is the link:

But in Ibiza there is an important grou, named “Oferta/demanda de trabajo en Ibiza” with more than 18200 members, that 12 months a years offers daily news about the job offers on the island.


Ibiza by night met Olivia Cardona (in the picture below) , Ceo and founder of the group, to talk about it.

Ibn: How and why did you decide to create the group Oferta/demanda de trabajo en Ibiza?

Olivia: I decided to create this group in order to help people to find a job. It is plenty of pages offering job, but creating this group i am trying to connect the information of all of them, which is easier for everyone.


Ibn: In one year your group scored teh brilliant result of 18000 members: why people would like to work in Ibiza so much?
Olivia: The group has nearly 18000 people added. I think that they want to work in ibiza because tourism is working really good and the island offers a job for many many people. This situation does not appears in another tourism places.

Ibn: let’s talk about summer 2015: which could be the most requested job?

Olivia:  think that waiters is going to be one of the most searched and offered!

Thanks Olivia!

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