1st of January,Naples (Italy) Nice to be presents: 4th Anniversary, with Ellen Allien, Domenico Crisci, Angelo Perna, Agostino Casillo, Dast and LDF!

Ibiza  by night follows to update you about the best parties  for the start of 2015!

And today we focus on Naples, where there is an intriguing opportunity to start  the year:  the 1st of January, starting at 16,30, in Naples (Italy) Nice to be presents “First”…a special party for its  4th Anniversary at Duel beat!

So you have the time to wake up and start again to dance.

The line up is amazing and includes a super guest as  Ellen Allien, an artist absolutely loved in Ibiza,  plus Domenico Crisci, Angelo Perna, Agostino Casillo Dast and LDF. So, save this date, and prepare yourself for a long afternoon/night of good music.

Diana Donzelli, that with her brother  Marco Donzelli are the promoter and organizer of Nice to be, said us:”Four years ago, the 1st of January 2011, we started our project “Nice to be”, splitting from the previous project Orbeat.  We had our  ideas very clear. Nice to be wanted to explore all the moods of the music. Our musical trip moved from the deep till the acid, from the detroit sound till Eurpean electronic music. We are mind opened to all the musical experiences. In four years we tried to satisfy our followers, because of Nice to be is a party for all that believed in us, follow us and the ones that will follow us. This party is for you, and our adventure will continue, with you. And don’t forget: DON’T BE AFRAID…DANCE!“.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on facebook:


And happy anniversary from the family Ibiza by night to Nice to be, to Diana Donzelli and Marco Donzelli!


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