27th of December, Pacha Ibiza, La Troya is back!

La Troya, one of Ibiza’s  most loved shows and an icon of Ibiza’s nightlife, is back on the island for a special night  at Pacha!

Next 27th of December, the party invented by Brasilio, will be celebrated  at Pacha… so be ready for a night of glamour, transgressions, performances…because of La Troya is back!

And Ibiza by night met Karl Morin, manager of La Troya, and he said us:

“First of all merry xmas for you too and a wonderfull 2015.
It is time to celebrate Christmas with our island friends so like every winter we are ready to stop by Pacha and remenber our good summer vibes . for a moment we bring back to you the Troya spirit so we can celebrate together this cheerfull moment, so merry Christmas to all and see you at Pacha“.

So prepare yourself for a great party!

For further infos: http://www.latroyaibiza.com  and http://www.pacha.com


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