Ibiza by night radio show… a great team of friends..a great family!

One year ago we talked with Miss Luna…the Founder and Director of Ibiza live radio ( http://www.ibizaliveradio.com ) and we decided to start “Ibiza by night radio show”…

This is our first Christmas, and in these months many dj’s broadcasted for our program. The team of Ibiza by night wishes to say a super


to the dream team of Ibiza by night radio show…and now it’s time for a gallery of our friends!

We start with a Dj that is an institution in Ibiza: Joan Ribas.

Joan has played for years at Pacha Ibiza and now is possible to hear him at Hotel Pacha and at Destino Hotel…and is still a great experience, because of Joan Ribas is “The Master”…we are very proud to have had Joan in our team!


We follow  with with a lady, our princess..Aldoina Filangieri. She’s elegant, she’s classy, last summer landed in ibiza, this winter has already played for Dilemme on the island and more news are coming soon. In a set of Aldoina never can get wrong. Because the has care of every single detail. And she’s our princess. Without doubts.


After Joan and Aldoina  there is “The professor” Rafa De Siria…a journalist and Dj that for us is much more than a friend. Rafa is Rafa…that’s all.

And you can be sure that with him you will hear good music.


After Rafa we talk about Cristian Viviano, an Italian dj and producer based on the island.

Christian has played everywhere and successfully in Ibiza, and is the diamond of Dilemme’s team!

Search about him on youtube, and you’ll understand because of he played for Ibiza by night radio show!


From Italy to Hungary, where comes from Reelow…young and strong!

Reelow has already played several times in Ibiza, and in next days will be guest of Ibiza talents at Pacha. if you are in ibiza, don’t miss his performance.

You’ll understand why he played for Ibiza by night radio show…and don’t forget this name… trust us…


And from Hungary we move to London, where are based Dos, and Italian duo that already played  at Circo Loco at Dc10 Ibiza and, in England they play in prestigious locations as Vr5 or Egg London.

They are very nice and smart people and they play an excellent sound, , it was nice to have them with us!


From London to Ibiza…there is our second lady: Kika.

Kika is  based in ibiza and she is a dj, a producer and a person that truly lives the soul of clubbing. her set are very interesting..save her name!

She made for us a brilliant session, and soon she’ll reply!


And now we leave Ibiza and we move to United Arab emirates, where actually is based our friend Sasa Mendone.

Sasa is a true friend of our community since the start.

He’s a Dj very applied in his jobs, and after a brilliant summer season in the prestigious location of Blue Marlin ibiza now is working successfully in Dubai!


From Dubai to Italy and England, where are based Nice7: the italian duo is already famous in the internazional marked, they have played in  location as the Blue Marlin and for shows as Defected in the house.

So they don’t need any presentation, but just a big thank you for playing for Ibiza by night radio show.


From Italy comes also Stefano Cioffi, that made for us the first episode of Ibiza by night radio show.

Stefano is an excellent dj and producer, and his songs are played by Titans as Carola…so…don’t forget also this name.


And let’s leave Italy to land in Egypt, where since a few years plays “The Pharaon” Christian Adamo.

Christian is resident at Stargate in Sharm el Sheikh, one club where evey night becomes magical.

Christian is more than a friend for us. And soon he’ll have more surprises for us!


 From Egypt to Israel, in our community landed and excellent Dj…Eran Lump!


Thanks to be with us.

And then we return in Ibiza with another great friend of our community: Gaty Lopez, that in the middle of a prodution and his residency at Hotel Pacha, realized a gret set for us, thanks dear Gaty!


Another friend that we had the pleasure to know in summer 2014 in ibiza is Lorenzo Calvio: Lorenzo is based in Milano, where plays in prestigious locations, and in ibiza played in cult places as Downtown Cipriani, Sankey and “the” Chiringuito No name!


Still from Milano comes Stephan Esse: his performaces at Detroit Milano party are still great, and soon he will land in Ibiza. But actually he realized a great set for Ibiza by night radio show…. sorry we don’t have Stephan’s picture….

Many thanks also to Agent, that realized a set very appreciated!


And last but not least, Paul Kenny: between his dates in southern Italy and Europehe realized an excellent set for Ibiza by night radio show..that will have more episodes…so stay tuned!


And finally…a special thanks to  “The one” MISS LUNA, that permitted us to realize Ibiza by night radio show! THANKS MISS LUNA…we love you!


Thursday, Bubbles Ibiza and Fernando Pablo Link present: Ibiza Vice!

Thursday 25th of December, Bubbles Ibiza and Fernando Pablo Link present a special Christmas edition of the cult party Ibiza Vice.

The event will start at midnight of Thursday till 6  am…and in consolle will play David Moreno of Ibiza global radio, Van Peterkin and Gustavo Godoy.

Ibiza by night is media partner of the party.

So…be ready to pass a great Christmas night in Marina Botafoch at Bubbles Ibiza! And… don’t forget … in Ibiza the party never stops!

This is the poster of the event.


Carl Cox presents: 31st of December Amsterdam, 1st of January Ibiza at Circoloco!

“The King” Carl Cox presents a double appointment for the end of the year and the first of January!

Carl Cox will plat the 31st of January, at Awakenings Amsterdam (in the marvelous location of Gashouder) and then, the 1st of January, in Ibiza at  Circoloco Dc 10 (and Ibiza by night already talked about it)!

So, for the end of the year, you’ll have two important opportunities to hear this legendary artist!

This is the poster that Carl Cox published on his Fb profile!


27th of December, Pacha Ibiza, La Troya is back!

La Troya, one of Ibiza’s  most loved shows and an icon of Ibiza’s nightlife, is back on the island for a special night  at Pacha!

Next 27th of December, the party invented by Brasilio, will be celebrated  at Pacha… so be ready for a night of glamour, transgressions, performances…because of La Troya is back!

And Ibiza by night met Karl Morin, manager of La Troya, and he said us:

“First of all merry xmas for you too and a wonderfull 2015.
It is time to celebrate Christmas with our island friends so like every winter we are ready to stop by Pacha and remenber our good summer vibes . for a moment we bring back to you the Troya spirit so we can celebrate together this cheerfull moment, so merry Christmas to all and see you at Pacha“.

So prepare yourself for a great party!

For further infos: http://www.latroyaibiza.com  and http://www.pacha.com