Toral & Lagho meet Rafa De Siria: The divine comedy!

In a few days will be published the ep “The divine Comedy”,.
In this case Dante Alighieri is not involved, because of this is a musical project where Thoral and Lagho meet Rafa De Siria.
De Siria (in the picture below) is a journalist and Dj based in Ibiza, and also more than a friend for our community (he played recently also for Ibiza by night Radio show).


Ibiza by night met “the professor” De Siria (as we use to call him, and he said us:”Meet Toral & Lagho inspired me to go back again to the studio 18 years after, a little bit of Techno Music for this winter days in Ibiza to keep the spirit alive”.
The Ep, produced for the new label “positive electronic music” as the novel of Dante Alighieri, is structured in three different parts! You will hear three songs named. “Infierno, Purgatory & Paradise”, and this concept seems very intriguing…
So, prepare yourself to hear “The Divine Comedy”…on beatport!
And this is a link to special set:


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