Saturday, Ibiza, Hotel Pacha & Gaty Lopez present: Love & music!

Saturday, 29th of November, starting at midnight, in the elegant location of Hotel pacha (El Hotel) there is the appointment with Gaty Lopez and his “Love & Music”.

gaty Lopez is a dj and producer based in Ibiza since a few years, and he played in amazing locations as Pacha or El Hotel, and for Ibiza by night radio show.

Now Gaty Lopez returns with his party, so save the date!

This is the poster of the event!


Friday, Blue Marlin U.A.E. presents: Andrea Oliva and Noir!

Friday, 28th of November, starting at 13 till 23,00, Blue Marlin U.A.E. presents a great party!

This week the guests will be the Italo Swiss Dj Andrea Oliva, one of the the most loved Dj in Ibiza during summer 2014.

Andrea has played as main dj at Ants Ushuaia all summer long and in many other top locations on the island, and will play at Circoloco Ibiza for NYD!

The line up is completed by Noir!

Here you have the link to the event page for all further details:

And don’t forget, Ibiza by night follows Ibiza’s heroes around the world, and this week we focus the event in Dubai!


Saturday, Ibiza, Dilemme presents: Art Mosphere with Audiofly and many more!

Saturday 29th of November, in Ibiza, the new brand  Dilemme, created and managed by Jonathan Roi,  presents: Art Mosphere!

The party will start at 21,00 till 3,30 at Sands Ibiza (Playa d’en Bossa, next Nassau beach club)..and then, after  3,30 will follow till late at Swag Ibiza (Playa D’En Bossa, ex Martina).

In consolle will play as prestigious guest, Audiofly, and the line up is completed by Manuel Estevez.

The warm up will be by Rob Marmot.

Here you have the poster of the party…and Ibiza by night is happy to be media partner of the event!


Ibiza by night meets Angela Caruccio and Wicked 7 Network!

Today Ibiza by night meets Angela Caruccio, an Italian creative resident since many years in London.
Angela is the founder and the Ceo of Wicked 7 Network, a dynamic organization that is based in London but operates also in ibzia and worldwide.
IBN: What is wicked 7 Network?
“Well the story is simple Anna Maria Riccò’, italian lady based in Ibiza, since 31 years is one of my main business partner; Anna Maria is better known as the “Ibiza Icon” . Anna Maria lives in Ibiza during the Summer and travels the world during winter time;
she is about to launch a new event in Bangkok called “Fabulus”.
When WICKED 7 brand, started to become very valuable in Ibiza, to avoid that others would take advantage of it and us to loose the right of ownership because of others trying to make this brand their own, Anna Maria encouraged me, Angela Caruccio to register WICKED 7 as a proper Limited company in London; so WICKED 7 LTD was born on the 22 December 2012.  This year, on the 22nd of Decembre 2014 , WICKED 7 will be two years old”.

IBN: What are the future projects of Wicked 7 Network?
Angela:”WICKED 7 is a Business Support Brand. We also have our shows on
Advertising, Marketing, Promotional brand that has several publicity tools. Currently running are: Radio Shows, Record Label’s Eps, Showcasing Events; Dj Booking management.  I write lyrics for songs; I am a lyricist and production manager of my own WICKED 7 Eps where I use my own lyrics. Our latest ep “No limit” feat Donna Destri and Steven Jones ( New York – London) produced by Digital Mike and several remixes, is out now on Beatport with Blue  Dye records: .
In collaboration with Ibiza Live Radio, Wicked 7 Network and DZ-1 London we are running our 3rd MAZI event in Canary Wharf – London on the 7th Dec “.


“WICKED 7 has few things planed for 2015, up and coming are: Awards, Trade Fairs, Festivals, Magazine, Movies etc. These publicity tools are used to showcase: a certain category of djs, all kind of artists and selected Businesses. Electronic Music is always evolving in new styles all the time; we support experimental, innovative, Forward Thinking enterprises, always in constant evolution but without loosing the quality of course. WICKED 7 is an“Avant Garde” Art Movement that cannot be framed into a time period just like Electronic Music, is always in constant evolution”.
Thanks Angela!

Friday, Eden Beach (Dubai) presents: Sasha, Sasa Mendone and many more!

Friday 28th of November, Eden beach club (Dubai) presents from 5 pm till midnight an Ibiza’s hero: Sasha!

Sasha will present his party: last night on the earth!

In consolle will play and also our friend Sasa Mendone, an Italian Dj that has already played for Ibiza by night radio show and other dj residents!

Here you have the poster of the party with the complete line up …and don’t forget in these months Ibiza by night will follow to update you also about the best parties around the world!


Wednesday, Ibiza, What’s up is back at Veto Social club!

Wednesday, starting at 22,00 till late, in Ibiza returns “What’s up” at Veto Social club.

The cult party created and managed by Sebastian Kato Hernandez, presents a line up that includes  Jonathan Tena, Nano Vergel, Filipa Lazary and Rubnoise!

As you can see four excellent Dj’s will play in one of the cult locations of the island!

Here you have the poster of the event, that has the media partnership of Ibiza by night.

The entry is free.


7th of December, Cocoon lands in Rome! With Sven Väth, Christian Burkhardt and Der & Lorenzo!

Next 7th of December, Cocoon lands in Rome at Studios!

With Sven Väth will play  Christian Burkhardt (live)  and  Der & Lorenzo (live)

the visuals will be by Reach visuals.

For further infos:

This is the poster of the party!

Event address:Studios di Via Tiburtina, 521
00159 Roma

Friday, Detroit Milano presents: Jamie Jones, Silvie Loto and Stephan Esse!

Friday 28th of November, starting at 22,00 till 5,00 the party Detroit Milano prresents a great event!

In the same night will play at New Madison (Via Giovanni da Udine 28, Milano) a superstar as Jamie Jones, actually one of the best artists in the clubbing scene!

Jamie Jones had a great summer 2014 in Ibiza, and his party “Paradise” at Dc 10 scored brilliant results.

Next friday jamie Jones lands in Milano, and the line up will include also Silvie Loto, one of the most intriguing Italian Dj and producer.

Silvie is  in Florence, at tenax, and last summer played again in ibiza at Music on: Ibiza by night already interviewed her (see the link below).

The line up in the main room is completed by another great friend of our community, Stephan esse, that is a dj resident of Detroit night and has played for Ibiza by night radio show.

On these premises, be ready for a night not to miss in Milano!

In the basiq room will play Alexis Cabrera, Luca Noize, Helder and Richard Merq !

Ibiza by night is media partner of the event…and many thanks to Samuel Arrighi, fabione Detroit and Mauro Sangregorio for the media support!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And this is the poster of the party!


This is the link to the interview to Silvie Loto:

Ibiza live radio presents this week: Miss Luna, Ibiza by night radio show with Joan Ribas, Wicked 7 Network, John Ferrer, Renè Goldman, Felix Da Funk, Fabrizio Marra and many more!

It’s Monday, and here you have the specials of the week of Ibiza live radio (

The web station founded and directed by “the one” Miss Luna presents also this weekgreat music, with Felix Da Funk (with his “Born in Ibiza”), Fabrizio Marra, John Ferrer (with his “versus party Ibiza”), Graham Sahara, and another great friend of our community, René Goldman, with his Ibizasoulon!

But…don’t forget the two appointments with Wicked 7 Network, the project created and  leaded by Angela Caruccio! Next Thursday will play Nurhee and then Saturday with Wicked 7 London will play Hi Fi Sean.

But…but…we have also a big surprise!

This week we have a new one  special edition of Ibiza by night radio show (after the one of last week with “the Professor” Rafa De Siria) with a guest that’s an institution in Ibiza: “The master” Joan Ribas, that will play a session next Saturday from 20 till 21, but in next days we’ll talk about it!

Here you have the poster with the complete programs.


5th of December, Gashouder Amsterdam presents: Awakenings Uk Special!

Next 5th of December, Gashouder Amsterdam, one of the most important location in the city,  presents: Awakenings Uk Special!

This is the line up and the set times!

22:00 – 00:00 Rebekah
00:00 – 01:30 Happa
01:30 – 03:00 Dave Clarke
03:00 – 04:45 Gary Beck & Mark Broom [Official]
04:45 – 06:15 Shifted
06:15 – 08:00 Surgeon & DJ Skirt

Ibiza by night will update you about this event!

This is the link to the event page on Facebook for further infos:


31st December 2014. Pacha Ibiza presents: Jean Claude Ades, Ame, Angel Linde and Sergi Mussa!

Are you planning to go to Ibiza for 31st of December?

Pacha Ibiza, the institution of the island, presents a great New year’s eve night!

The party, named “Lio goes to pacha”, presents a very eclectic line up that includes Jean Claude Ades and Ame as special guest.

jean Claude Ades is an artist that plays in Ibiza since many years in summer and winter, and last summer had brilliant results at Lio with his party “Be crazy”, and plays and elegant deep sound

Ame has already played at Pacha with Solomun and has a sound absolutely elegant.

The line up is completed by other two friends of our community, Angel Linde and Sergio Mussa.

In the funky room, there will be another surprise: “The original funbky room”, hosted by Vaughan Afrika will play Dj pipp, Scott gray and live pa by Paul Powell!

Here you have the poster of the event.+, and Ibiza by night will update you about this night!

For further infos:

Ready for a great NYE in Ibiza??? Many thanks to rafa De Siria for the media support.


Ibiza by night meets Tommy Totaro, Mr facenight!

Tommy Totaro  (in the picture below withthe yellow t-shirt) is a Journalist based in naples that has already worked in Ibiza. He invented the  event “Facenight”. Ibiza by night met him to talk about Facenight and the future project.


What is Facenight project?
Facenight is a project born with a precise target: Letting know the quality, the culture and the originality of everybody working in the world of neapolitan nightclubs and entartainment and much more.
The nightlife world is often considered,unfairly, a world of perdition. In nightclubs,on the contrary, there work many extraordinary people who deserve to be known and celebrated. We want to bring out the clean face of Neapolitan movida.

What does Facenight project provide?
Facenight is a continuous work in progress, a factory of ideas and initiatives. At this moment Facenight is, above all, a prize.
Infact every year, in the summer, we give a prize to operators,entrepreneurs,entertainers and protagonists of by night in an event become a cult for all the people of the night.
Facenight is also a calendar, maybe the most trendy calendar in Campania, where the photographer winner of Facenight’s prize immortalizes the winners of other categories of the prize in very original and funny shots.

Are there some new initiatives in preparation and the future projects?

Yes, there are many. We are working carefully to let the initiative grow up. The next edition of the prize will be still richer and more interesting, with new surprises which will have national and international interest. We want also to start with our magazine, an innovative and fresh editorial product which will be useful to spread even better our brand on the territory. And still, after the success of the calendar Facenight 2014 which has reached London, where it has been presented in the best clubs, we will launch also our calendar for 2015.

Thanks Tommy!