Saturday 29th of November, ibiza by night radio show presents: Joan Ribas on Ibiza live radio!!

Saturday 29th of January from 20 till 21 (Spanish time) Ibiza by night radio show presents a special appointment with the set of  a dj that for our community is more than a guest… Joan Ribas, that will play on  on Ibiza live radio! is the web station founded and directed by Miss Luna, and we have a great media partnership!

Joan Ribas (in the picture below) is an institution in Ibiza: Joan has played as resident dj for many years at Pacha Ibiza, and now is the musical  director of Hotel Pacha (el Hotel) and during summer 2014 has played successfully at Destino Hotel.


And Joan said us:” I am so happy to join the family of Ibiza by night radio show…because the music …is everything“.

So, after a list of dj’s that becomes evey week stronger and longer and includes “The Professor” Rafa De Siria, Christian Adamo “the king of Sinai”, Gaty Lopez, “The Lady” Aldoina Filangieri, “Don” Cristian Viviano, Reelow, Kika, Stefano Cioffi, Stephan Esse (that will play Friday in Milano with Jamie Jones), Sasa Mendone, Lorenzo Calvio, Eran Lump, Agent another great friend, Joan Ribas, lands in our family!

Many thanks to Miss luna for this special appointment!

And stay tuned, because of in next weeks are arriving  Paul Kenny…and…. and wait…for  … a special surprise for Christmas!!!!! It will be very Nice…7!

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