Sunday, London, Mazi is back!

Next Sunday 9th of November in London is back! the event has the media support of Ibiza by night.

Ibiza  live radio will join forces with Wicked 7 Network & DZ-1London record label with a  live streaming from Mazi event
Miss Luna, dj and producer based in Ibiza, and also  owner of Ibiza live radio ( will be headlining this 2nd Mazi Event in the Garden Room, joined by Dj / Producer Francesco Poggi in the main room. Francesco Poggi is also the Music Director of Aquarium Club in London.
But there are more surprises…This 9th Nov, in London Miss Luna Ibiza  will be playing during night time 1st at Aquarium club,  Saturday night/Sunday morning at “Movimento party” starting from 02:30am
Playing the closing set from 5:30 till 7am with Francesco Poggi (Virustage/Stendhal Records)  & Deeafro (Sleazy deep).
Then Miss Luna will be playing during day time at Mazi event starting from 12pm till 8pm in Canary Wharf @ Plateau restaurant  which is Sunday Afternoon.
Miky J ( Snatch! Rec.) will be launching his remix of the newest Wicked 7 Ep – No Limit.
As said Angela Caruccio, one of the promoters: ”Mazi means together, and it’s a Greek word chosen by other promoter Classic Wabaso aiming to create an event that brings together quality people, different kind of arts and showcase the best that is within our international community of deep, tech, soulful & underground house music”.
For more  info & reserve  guest list this is the link to the website:”

This is the poster of the event!


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