Ibiza live radio, the specials of the week with Miss Luna, Wicked 7 Network, Felix Da Funk, René Goldman, John Ferrer, Filipa Lazary and many more!

Ibiza by night follows to update you about the specials of the week of Ibiza live radio (www.ibizaliveradio.com), the radio created and directed by Miss Luna.

This week there will be many intriguing programs, with Miss Luna, with our friends Felix Da Funk, with our media pruners Wicked 7 Network, plus the sets of René Goldman, John Ferrer (with his “Versus party Ibiza”), Filipa Lazary, Fabrizio Marra and many more.

Wicked 7 Network presents two shows: one next Thursday with Oscar P., and then Saturday with Wicked 7 network London, where will play Miky…and we are happy for the media partnership with Angela Caruccio and her team.

Here you have the poster of the week..and stay tuned..because of next week will return Ibiza by night radio show with a new guest…Lorenzo Calvio…and soon also Bec from London…but soon we will talk about them!


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