Ibiza live radio: the specials of the week with Miss Luna, Wicked 7 Network, John Ferrer, René Goldman and many more!

Ibiza by night also this week is media partner of Ibiza live radio! As all the weeks we publish the radio’s programs with all the specials for next days at http://www.ibizaliveradio.com ! Ibiza live radio is the web radio station based in Ibiza that has been founded and it’s directed by Miss Luna!! This week the line up will include as usual djs from worldwide and great friends of our community, as Miss Luna, René Goldman, Felix Da Funk (with his show “Born in Ibiza”) John Ferrer (with the show “Versus party Ibiza”), Fabrizio Marra, QDehrino, “an underground love story”, Wicked 7 Network Thursday with Hofer 66 and Saturday Wicked 7 Network London with Seb Fontaine and live streamings !!!!!!!!!  And stay tuned..because of next week will return Ibiza by night radio show with a new great guest! And this is the poster with all the programs!


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