Wednesday, Amnesia Ibiza presents La Troya and Foam and diamonds with Paris Hilton!

Wednesday, at Amnesia ibiza..a super double party!

In the same night will be celebrated La Troya.. and this week the event is named “Brasil”!

Karl Morin, manager of La Troya, said us:”Finally this is the Brasil party…our party the real one that Brasilio brought to Ibiza many years ago,this is the real thing the original so get ready to move your body to the sound of samba it is carnival time…and who knows may be you can dance the night away with Paris Hilton“.

So be ready.. because this is a night with many many surprises..and don’t forget… in the other room there is again, after the success of last week, Mrs Paris Hilton with her successful show: “Foam and diamonds”!

And Ibiza by night will follow both parties!



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