Tonight, Booom’s time of “Phantasmagoria”: Mike and Claire Manumission are back!!!

Tonight, starting at midnight,  something great is happening in Booom !

Mike and Claire Manumission are back with “Phantasmagoria”..their new project!

With ‘Derrick Carter Does Disco‘, the creators of Manumission return to Ibiza with Phantasmagoria, a celebration between music, dance and cinema.

Booom will be transformed, with the noirish setting of smoke and low-key lighting into a sleazy underground futuristic blues club SEXUS.  Cumulating every Friday night throughout August, Phantasmagoria will be played out over 8 hours with the soundtrack set by resident Craig Richards, alongside guest stars including Derrick Carter, Skream, Matthew Herbert & Ivan Smagghe with music programming by Derren Smart of London Electronic.

Be ready for an unforgettable night..and expect many surprises…. because of  Claire and Mike are back!

And this is the poster of the event that will be followed by the team of Ibiza by night!

Many thanks to Laura Llorente for the media support!


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