Job opportunities in Ibiza: an useful group!

For many people the dream is to work in Ibiza in summer ..and also in winter….

In these months Ibiza by night gave many informations about job opportunities and castings for summer 2014.

But today we talk also about one group on facebook, named:”Ofertas/demandas de trabajo en Ibiza”, that daily furnish many useful infos about job offers in Ibiza.

The group is created and managed by Olivia CL, that said us:”This is a project no-profit, My idea is just to give help to people searching a job in Ibiza”.
Actually the group has 12000 members from worldwide, and results very useful for people searching  job offers on the Island, as said Olivia:”I am very happy because of many people found a job in Ibiza reading the offers published in our group..and this is for me a great pleasure,I’ll follow to update daily with more offers!”.
So..compliments to Olivia Cl and to her group..and good luck for your job search!
This is the link to the group on fb:


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