Job Opportunities at Blue Marlin for Milano (Italy)

Blue Marlin, the prestigious club, is searching staff for a new project in Milano!

These are the positions available:

* Chef (5 years experience)
* Kitchen Staff (2 years experience)
* Restaurant Manager (3 years experience)
* Bar Manager (3 years experience)
* Bartenders (2 years experience)
* Bar Back
* Waiters (2 years experience)
* Assistant Waiters
* Runners

– Preferably living in Milan


* Italian
* English
* Preferably also Spanish (for the other companies we have)

This is the useful link:


Good luck and don’t forget to read our disclaimer!


Ibiza by night isn’t a job agency and isn’t involved directly or indirectly in any casting.

Ibiza by night  doesn’t receive any economical advantage or profit from castings.

Ibiza by night doesn’t assume any responsability for the job opportunities published on these pages.

The job opportunities  are offered directly from the employers.

For further informations contact directly ONLY the organizers of castings at mentioned mail addresses and, please,  don’t send us CV or more information requests because of we can’t help you.

2 thoughts on “Job Opportunities at Blue Marlin for Milano (Italy)

  1. AMAZING !!!
    Wonderful News !!!
    Blue Marlin In Milano !!!
    It Took It !!!
    All The Best!
    🙂 ❤

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