Friday, Pacha Ibiza, Carlos Jurado presents Fude!

Next Friday 7th of March, starting at 21,00, in the exclusive atmosphere of  Pacha Ibiza, Carlos Jurado presents a new one episode of  FUDE (Food Under Design & Electronic) his successful dinner-show!

Every week there Fude is dedicated to a  new theme and… next Friday will be  celebrated the “Japanes night”, so be ready for a party with sushi and japanese choreography!

In consolle will play Carlos Jurado and guest Dj’s will be Mariano Grande & Neighbour Guyz  ..and during the night there will be a photo exibition of  Toni Plannels!

During the night there will be  also a live show of the group “new game”!

The r.r.p.p. of the event will be  by “Lady” Daniela Biagetti!

This is the link to the event page on facebook: you have the poster of the party!

Ready for a new one great Friday night with  Fude?



Friday, at Grial Ibiza, Maxi en Ibiza presents Marco Yanes, Luca Serra and Rafa Nandez.. An underground lovestory is back!

Next Friday 7th of March at Grial Ibiza (avd.8 de agosto) , starting at 23,00, the promoter  Maxi en Ibiza presents a new episode of the successful show “An underground lovestory”.

The line up will include Marco Yanes (dj resident of Ibiza Talents/Undertechnical recorings), Luca Serra (SFS and Detroit Milano) and Rafa Nandez (Audio Ibiza/Listen up)…. and during the night there will be also a special foto-art exposition by Faris Villena!

Maxi en ibiza, the creative promoter, said on the event page:”Get ready for the third edition of An Underground Lovestory taking place at GRIAL Ibiza, with a very special combination of three very talented new generation artists and a very technical booth this time ;)”.

For furtehr infos, this is the link to the event page on fb:

And this is the poster of the party!