Friday, Pacha Ibiza, Carlos Jurado presents.. FUDE!

Next Friday, starting at 21,00, in the elegant atmosphere of  Pacha Ibiza, Carlos Jurado presents a new one episode of  FUDE (Food Under Design & Electronic) the successful dinner-show of  Friday night!

Every week there is a new theme and… next Friday will be  celebrated the “Italian night”, a party that had already a sold out last months!

In consolle will play Carlos Jurado and guest Dj’s will be Graham Sahara and Giuliano Al..and during the night there will be an exibition of  Jull Dziamski…in a very particula “atmosphere”!

The r.r.p.p. will be syill by “Lady” Daniela Biagetti!

This is the link to the event page on facebook:

Here you have the poster of the event for further details!

Ready for a new one great Fude’s party?


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